What We Can Expect From “12 Monkeys” Season 4

What We Can Expect From “12 Monkeys” Season 4

What We Can Expect From “12 Monkeys” Season 4

The fourth season of “12 Monkeys” is likely to be on the side of bittersweet for loyal fans. This will be the final season of the popular show, but it promises to go out with a bang. We get a taste of what we will see in the recently released trailer for the upcoming episodes. Based upon the rumors and what the execs have released to the public, this is what we can expect from “12 Monkeys” season 4.

A binge-fest

The final season will be an enhanced version of the epic storytelling that fans have come to appreciate from Terry Matalas. According the the chief content officer, Jeff Wachtel, there are plans underway for some fabulous revelations as the final chapter unfolds. There is an indication that the questions fans have been asking the most are going to be answered. This is good news for the loyals who have eagerly anticipated each new episode of the previous three seasons. Terry isn’t spilling the beans as to precisely what will be included but has he let anyone down yet?

More in-depth revelations

We can expect to see the crew move back even further in time. We know this because the trailer shows scenes from the past including World War II and the Old West. There has even been a rumor started by Terry Matalas himself that “the show is going to get medieval.” If this doesn’t drive fans wild with anticipation, not much will. Time travel, action and drama are on tap for the upcoming finale.

Olivia embraces her position as the Witness

We also have a clue that Olivia will have a realization that she is the Witness. There will no longer be a reason or need to hide her intentions. She comes to embrace this aspect of who she is. This is one of the things that fans were wondering about for some time. It may have taken a slitting of the throat to achieve the position, but she’s definitely the one. This was one of the mysteries that had fans theorizing for some time and it’s good that this one has finally been unraveled.

More intense drama

According to Matalas, the final season will be more about family than ever before. The characters have lost the war but this is not the extent of the drama. Things are going to slide into a rapid decline according to the rumors. This is where family will become so very important and people will have to learn how to work together as a team to stop the Witness.

Will time be destroyed?

We see in the first part of the trailer that the story of “the serpent who eats his own tail” is revealed with greater detail. This is the one which Cole’s father told him about in the finale of the third season. The serpent encountered a demon who turned out to be the Witness. The Witness is the one who is out to destroy time. It would be nice to have a few ideas about how this will end, but it is the one detail that isn’t leaking out and we’re not even hearing a rumor about it. We’ll have to wait and see.

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