Can Doctor Doom Be The Main Villain In Avengers: Secret Wars?

Can Doctor Doom Be The Main Villain In Avengers: Secret Wars?
Can Doctor Doom Be The Main Villain In Avengers: Secret Wars?

credit: Fantastic Four 2005

If you’re a Marvel fan, you must be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Doctor Doom to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve seen at least two live-action versions of this iconic villain, and they both fell very short of our expectations. Neither were very menacing or memorable, and the failure of those Fantastic Four movies might diminish any hype fans could have for the next iteration of the team. But of course, there can be no Fantastic Four without their arch-nemesis. And now that these characters are under the official Marvel banner we can finally get the Fantastic Four movie we Marvel fans so rightfully deserve. That also includes finally seeing a faithful version of the metal-faced villain, Doctor Doom.

Marvel is currently developing the next Fantastic Four movie for the MCU, with a set release date of sometime in 2025. Although there hasn’t been an official confirmation for Doctor Doom’s debut in the film, it is safe to assume he’ll be involved in some capacity. Does that mean he’ll be the main antagonist? It’s highly likely, but we should also remember that he was already the main antagonist of all Fantastic Four movies. That didn’t really work in the character’s favor, but we can trust Kevin Feige to set that right.

Does Doctor Doom Need To Be The Main Villain In The Fantastic Four Reboot?

Then again, this could be a great opportunity to do something different. Doctor Doom could be a secondary antagonist or a supporting character in the Fantastic Four reboot for the MCU. He is the arch-nemesis of the team, but he’s not their only villain. Does he really have to be the main antagonist of this new reboot? If he is, we’ll take it, but the team can fight other villains who are on the same threat level.

Can Doctor Doom Be The Main Villain In Avengers: Secret Wars?

credit: Fantastic Four 2005

And if he isn’t the main antagonist, we can see how he operates behind the scenes. This villain is at his best when he’s secretly plotting and scheming in the shadows. Even if he isn’t, he’ll pose as a valuable ally to the heroes just to get closer to achieving his goals. The best example is when he fought alongside the heroes in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline with the goal of obtaining the infinity stones for himself. The heroes were clearly aware of his imminent betrayal, but the situation called for them to take the risk. Both sides had to work together, but they had to be prepared for Doom’s betrayal at any time. That’s Doctor Doom in a nutshell.

He Is Known For Being A Master Manipulator, and Schemer

So let’s just say Doctor Doom won’t be the main antagonist in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. If not that movie, then what would be another good place for him to be the big bad? The most logical choice would have to be the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars movie. For those who have read the comic, you know it’s a big deal that involves many vital Marvel characters. One of those characters who play a major part in the Secret Wars storyline is Doom himself. A bit of a spoiler alert for those who didn’t read the comic, so if you haven’t, I implore you to check it out. There’s plenty of time before the movie comes out.

Can Doctor Doom Be The Main Villain In Avengers: Secret Wars?

credit: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Beyonder, who is an omnipotent being in the Marvel Universe, sends several heroes and villains to a place called Battleworld for the purpose of having them fight each other. Doctor Doom is one of the villains, and after fighting amongst themselves, he would eventually steal the awesome powers of the Beyonder. And the first thing he did after gaining those powers was destroyed all the heroes. But don’t worry, they would be resurrected shortly after, and Doom was subsequently defeated.

Secret Wars Will Can Make Him An Avengers-Level Threat

It’s very likely Doctor Doom will play a similar role in the Avengers: Secret Wars movie. If the movie follows a storyline similar to the comics, there will be many villains, but Doom will be the one to lead them. And if his interests align with that of the heroes, he’ll find himself fighting alongside them. The heroes would be cautious of any sign of betrayal, but only a villain as intelligent and conniving as Doom can fool them at any time. Maybe the Beyonder won’t be the one to instigate the Secret Wars in the MCU, but no matter who the perpetrator is, Doctor Doom will find a way to worm his way to become the biggest threat.

What are your thoughts, Marvel fans? Is it plausible to think Doctor Doom can be the main villain in Avengers: Secret Wars? Even if he isn’t, we just need to finally see a live-action version of this fan-favorite villain done right.

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