What We Learned from The Ozark Season 3 Trailer

What We Learned from The Ozark Season 3 Trailer

What We Learned from The Ozark Season 3 Trailer

When things fall off the rails they tend to do so with increasing speed, and at this point things are speeding up for the Byrdes it would appear as Ozarks season 3 is coming in with all the previous issues of the past two seasons as just from the trailer it would appear that things are starting to fall apart. Since the beginning this show has been quick-moving and has been all about the dangers that Marty and his family are facing, and unfortunately it’s come right on the trail of a broken marriage that has forced every member of the Byrde family to re-evaluate one another in a very different light. While Marty is doing what he can to keep his family safe and possibly together Wendy has grown tired with Marty’s lies, his half-truths, and the manner in which she and the kids have been tucked away in a less than safe manner that hasn’t really done much to insulate them from the violence that wasn’t Marty’s problem until it became his problem. The clients that his former business partner tried to cheat are obviously willing to take out their frustration on anyone they think was involved in their business, which means that Marty is the only one left that has any knowledge of what’s going on apart from his family. Add in a nutty, redneck family like the Langmoore’s and you’ve got a party with a powder keg just ready to go.

Seasons 1 and 2 saw Marty scrambling to get clear of the city and find a place where he could perform the money laundering he needed to do while staying off the radar as much as possible, but that obviously didn’t go over too well since an over-zealous agent has been on his trail for a while now. Agent Petty has been a man on a mission no matter if he has to bend the rules to get what he wants from time to time. Unfortunately for Petty and those that want to see Marty and his business partners go down, the opposition is a little too crafty at times and definitely certifiable at others. Jacob and Darlene Snell were both serious glitches in the system that weren’t about to move aside since they had their own business going and didn’t want it to be disturbed. However, once Marty worked that magic he’s been able to utilize to keep himself and his family alive to this point it became obvious that he was just digging himself in deeper and finding another hole to hide out in until the wrong people came looking again.

This time around however it’s already looking as though it’s going to cost him and it might be that he won’t be able to cover the full check this time, or dash off to safety. So far the trailer is making it crystal clear that he and Wendy aren’t on the same page (what else is new) and that he’s going to be taking the brunt of the trouble as things continue to heat up. Then there’s Darlene Snell, who, after murdering her husband Jacob, is now the sole voice of reason on the Snell side of this equation, which is anything but comforting since Jacob could at least be reasoned with, while Darlene is likely to act on emotion and impulse thinking that she’s doing what’s right and what’s best for herself and her people. Trusting her is like trusting a rattlesnake that’s been made lethargic by the cold, it might not act as quickly, but give it too much leeway and it will act all the same. Then come the people Marty is working for, the riverboat casino, Ruth, and a host of other problems that could wrong at any given moment. There’s just no respite in sight for poor Marty as he’s continued to dig away from everything and everyone in an attempt to find a route to safety. The only trick is that he’s likely doubled back on himself a few times by now as it’s been seen, which is obvious really given how he’s ending up on the short end of the stick in this mess. At this point Ozarks season 3 is starting to look as though it might be the most tense season yet.

Brittany A. Roston of Slash Gear has said that it’s not quite the Breaking Bad of Netflix that we wanted, but trying to even compare the two stories is a little ridiculous since they’re so insanely different. It’s true that Ozarks isn’t as gripping as Breaking Bad, but it’s also just as dark and in some ways just as addictive since it’s come up with character arcs and a story line that makes people want to come back and see what happens. The lead-in from season 2 to 3 could have been a little better, but so far the trailer looks extremely interesting.

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