Five Reasons to Suggest Lakefront Bargain Hunt is Fake

Five Reasons to Suggest Lakefront Bargain Hunt is Fake

Five Reasons to Suggest Lakefront Bargain Hunt is Fake

The reality TV series Lakefront Bargain Hunt is a spinoff of House Hunters that has recently became popular with couples interested in purchasing a home. The plot centers around real life home buyers who are looking for the most compatible home, but recent allegations suggest that the show is staged and ultimately, a fake. We conducted an investigation to discover the truth about the series. Here are five reasons why we believe that Lakefront Bargain Hunt is not entirely honest with the information that they provide for viewers.

1. The couples have already purchased their homes

In order to even qualify for appearing on an episode of Lakefront Bargain Hunt, couples must have already chosen and been approved for the purchase of their homes. Most have either completed the process or have just recently closed the deal. This makes the entire notion of going through the motions of house hunting deceptive as reality TV.

2. Real people are converted into actors

One of the greatest defenses for the program’s legitimacy is that the people who appear as house hunters are not actors. They are in fact purchasing a home, but since they are already in the process of the purchase, there is no need to look for houses to buy. This is done for the sake of the camera. Couples tour potential homes for purchase pointing out their likes and dislikes. This is definitely considered to be acting. In fact, they are pretending that they have not already made their selection. On occasion the cameramen need to re-do certain scenes so it turns out well for show ratings.

3. The shows are staged to look real

We will admit that real people are purchasing real homes on the shows, but this is where the reality part ends. The part of the show that includes searching for a new home to buy is totally staged. Since the couple who appear must already have made the commitment to purchase a home, this segment is totally fake. The show shows people going through a process that they had long completed before applying to appear on the show. This is deceptive and misleading. The intent of the show is to present ways to find and purchase lakefront homes for reasonable prices. While the methods may seem helpful and they may in fact be based upon the actions that the home buyers really did take, it is nothing but a re-enactment. It’s dishonest to pass this off as reality TV when it is actually a staged series of events.

4. Advertisements for episodes contain inaccurate information

Teasers used to advertise upcoming episodes tell viewers that a real estate agent or other person will help their clients to find a home on the series. While the featured clients do actually end up purchasing a lakefront home, what they do not tell the public upfront is that the entire process that they see is only a re-enactment. The deal on the house has already been closed. This comes dangerously close to being a false statement.

5. Misrepresentation is dishonest

If the producers of the show would be upfront about the clients and treat the series more like interviews and a documentary it would be truthful. The intentions to show people how to acquire affordable property is noble, however, passing the series off as a reality genre is deceptive.

Final Thoughts

Lakefront Bargain Hunt is a likeable series that gives people who are searching for a lakefront home some good tips. The staged events make it look like a reality TV series, but in reality it is not. The everyday people who were not originally actors are made to pretend that they are searching for a home so the events that take place are totally staged. These are the components that suggest that Lakefront Bargain Hunt is at least to some extent, a fake.

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