Cameron Boyce’s Final Film “Runt” Gets a Trailer

Cameron Boyce’s Final Film “Runt” Gets a Trailer

Cameron Boyce’s Final Film “Runt” Gets a Trailer

There’s this strange thing that happens when a person is bullied too often, they tend to find a way to get back at their bullies, whether it’s getting tougher and beating the living hell out of them, or finding a way that will be just as devastating. In his final performance before his untimely passing in 2019, Boyce plays a high school student that’s infatuated with a young woman who already has a boyfriend, and of course, the boyfriend is tougher and meaner and has a group of friends that are ready to pummel Boyce’s character into the ground for even daring to rise above his supposed station. But what happens when a person gets bullied a little too much should be something that freezes the blood in a person’s veins these days since the growing concern about any type of violence that’s inspired by being bullied too often or simply being unbalanced in any way hasn’t gone away in all that time since school shootings became way too prevalent in the US. While there’s no gun violence in this movie, at least none that can be seen in the trailer, there’s plenty of other violence.

Pretty much any movie that’s made about bullying, especially those that are dramatic in nature, will end up becoming about the retaliation to come since the fact is that no one likes feeling powerless and no one appreciates being humiliated in front of other people. High school is a time when a lot of people are still more or less trying to figure out their lives and which direction they want to go in. It’s also a time when the more juvenile behaviors that people give into at times are bound to lean towards violence of one type or another. One thing that can usually be counted on is that those who are bullied will do one of two things in a lot of different ways, they’ll give up and run away, or they’ll find a way to get back at their bullies in a way that the bully never sees coming.

That might sound a bit anticlimactic but the truth is that it has happened that the bullied have come back and managed to get back at their bullies in one way or another. High school shootings are one way, but there are others that become just as violent if not as visible since it would appear that Boyce’s character, Cal, is going to take his revenge in ways that are usually indicative of a budding serial killer or psychopath, or both. The sad part is that while this is just a movie, the reality isn’t too far off the mark since those that do the bullying tend to think that they’re untouchable since they go after the weakest people they can find, the ones that don’t normally fight back. Unfortunately for them, sometimes those are the people who will end up fighting back the hardest when they’re pushed too far. Even a timid individual can snap if they’re pushed to a limit that isn’t normally reached, as has happened in many movies over the years.

Some folks would say that bullying doesn’t quite happen on the same level as it’s seen in the movies, and they’d be partially right since in the real world it can get much worse and have many longer-lasting ramifications as has been seen over the years. There’s nothing saying that the bullies don’t deserve a bit of comeuppance, even if their own home lives aren’t that great, but the extremes that the movies take things don’t really tell the whole story. Some might want to say that the punishments don’t fit the crime in this trailer, but then again, taking things too far can turn the bullied into the monsters that the bullies are seen as at times, which falls in line with the adage of ‘those who hunt monsters beware that you don’t become one’. There are several iterations of this line, but the point is that the bullied individuals that seek their payback often find that they end up becoming the bully since the line between comeuppance and bullying is one that many have slipped over more than once throughout history.

As his last movie this is looking pretty dark already given that Cameron appears to be ready to go much further than his bullies did, but with what many might call good reason. Being humiliated in high school isn’t a small thing since it’s something that sticks with a person for a while given that high schoolers, not all but some, will often attack a weakness and not forget about, ever. That might sound a little cryptic, but it’s true unfortunately since if a person comes to be known for one thing or another in high school, it’s likely that the memory will follow them for a while.

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