How A Quiet Place 2 Filled The Gaps Of Its Predecessor

How A Quiet Place 2 Filled The Gaps Of Its Predecessor
How A Quiet Place 2 Filled The Gaps Of Its Predecessor

credit: A Quiet Place 2

Following the events of A Quiet Place, we find the Abbott family losing two members, one in the early parts, and the second one, Lee, the father, was lost in an attack by a creature in an open field. The movie ended after Evelyn, the mother, and her deaf daughter, Regan, discovered a way how to kill an alien creature. This method of killing involved incapacitating the monster first. Since they had sensitive hearing, any high-pitched noise would severely impair them, with one in the ending seeming to be convulsing. While disoriented, the monster would involuntarily expose its fleshy insides, which were vulnerable to any attacks because they were no longer protected by the alien’s thick armor once exposed. Shooting at the exposed flesh mortally wounds the creatures, killing them.

That’s basically how the first film ended. However, throughout the first movie, there were thoughts in the story that were lingering. Fortunately, those questions will finally be answered by the second installment, A Quiet Place 2.

With the premise from the first movie in hand, let’s now start diving into these unanswered questions.


How A Quiet Place 2 Filled The Gaps Of Its Predecessor

credit: A Quiet Place 2


Where did the aliens come from?

While this was not answered explicitly, the opening scene of A Quiet Place 2 introduced how the world came to such a sorry state. The movie opens with the Abbott family watching a kid’s baseball game when they discover something like a burning meteor hurling toward the Earth. It was not a very huge object, as an object of great size would cause total extinction, like what happened to the dinosaurs.

It was implied, however, that the aliens came from that piece of space rock. This now answers the question, “where did the aliens come from,” but if you were to ask, “where did that rock come, then?” Well, we’re sorry, we don’t have any responsibility for that yet. Maybe, we will see it in the planned third installment in 2025?

In that scene, the people learned to stay quiet, something the Trolls should have learned in their first movie. They discovered that the alien creatures were sensitive to sound when a phone rang inside a bar where they were hiding and when a police officer tried to shoot one down.


How A Quiet Place 2 Filled The Gaps Of Its Predecessor

credit: A Quiet Place 2


Were there any survivors apart from the focus family?

For the most part, the first movie showed only the Abbott family as the sole surviving family with members intact, even though they lost one member in the beginning. During the first movie, the father, Lee, was seen to be trying to communicate with possible survivors outside but failed.

However, we could not erase the fact that there were no survivors in the world. Marcus and Lee saw an old man with his dead wife during their fishing trip. Unfortunately, the old man screamed, making a creature attack him. That old man survived for a decent amount of time.

When Lee was lighting a fire somewhere on the farm, a few fires were lit in the distance. This could imply that there were still other families or individuals that were alive around.

Was that it? Fortunately, no. In the second movie, we found out there were a lot of survivors; there was an island full of them. We also found out how the human race managed to survive, setting off to a far-off island because the creatures couldn’t swim. Of course, when fear strikes, panic ensues, and some people scream while evacuating, causing them to be killed on evacuation. But hey! At least there are a few that survived and found a way how to evade the creatures!


Why did Evelyn and Lee decide to have a baby?

The first movie opened on Day 89, and after the death of Beau, it opened on Day 472. If you were willing enough to do the math, that was more than a year apart! And we did not see Evelyn to be pregnant in the first scene, so she must have conceived somewhere between Day 82 and Day 472, we did not know when. However, why did they make a baby if that would make a lot of noise without any self-control?

Well, in A Quiet Place 2, it was shown that the baby was a complement to the family after Beau died. Some fans would speculate that the baby was an accident as the parents could have had sex one day to relieve the stress of their day-to-day situation.A Quiet Place

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