C-3PO and the Forest of Doom: The Temple of Doom Sacrifice Scene Featuring Lego Ewoks

C-3PO in the Forest of Doom, a LEGO-infused parody of the heart-ripping scene of Temple of Doom, is pretty funny to watch. Those are some evil little Ewoks, but maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised. After all they were planning on barbecuing Luke, Han, and Chewie in Return of the Jedi. Who knows what could have happened if they’d knocked them out first? That’s kind of grisly to think of really, especially since from what we’ve seen of the Ewoks in non-canon they eat nuts and berries mostly. But maybe they’re omnivores?

Anyway, sacrificing C-3PO would make a little more sense considering that the Ewoks are about as close to being primitive as can be and were already set to worship him as a god. Maybe they thought that by sacrificing his metal form they would be releasing him from his physical shell. Or maybe the helmet of Darth Vader was there because they were actually sacrificing the droid TO the spirit of Vader and were in reality some very evil little buggers that helped the Alliance simply out of convenience.

If you really think about it that makes sense because the Alliance and the Empire both invaded the moon and were intent on doing a lot of damage to each other without any real consideration for the surroundings. If Wicket and Leia hadn’t met there’s a good chance that the Ewoks would have been just as angry at the Alliance as they were at the Empire and could have turned on them as well. The only deciding factor was that the Empire would shoot first and not worry about the consequences while the Alliance would actually try to make friends with an indigenous species before resorting to violence if need be.

But of course Kylo Ren has to make himself known by stealing the helmet and fleeing into the night with the Ewoks hot on his trail. That brings up an interesting question though that has to do with the current canon. Did the Rebels ever go back to the forest moon of Endor? Did they strike up an alliance with the Ewoks or just leave them alone entirely? It would stand to reason that the Ewoks wanted nothing to do with an intergalactic war that they knew nothing about. It was all they could do to operate a speeder or any other piece of tech, but the chances are good that once the Death Star was destroyed that the Empire, what was left of it, wouldn’t forget about those that helped the Rebels to win the day.

Of course maybe they figured it wasn’t worth the trouble and left the forest moon alone, but it wouldn’t take much for the First Order to bombard the planet from afar and do some serious damage. This LEGO fantasy could easily be something that would be used to explain the current relations between the Ewoks and the rest of the galaxy. But honestly if Kylo wanted the helmet that badly I don’t see him sneaking in like a thief and snatching it. It’s more likely that the entire floor would be carpeted with the dead Ewoks that tried to stop him. But that would be a little too grim for Disney.

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