Bullet Train is not a John Wick 4 Replacement: Here’s Why

Bullet Train is not a John Wick 4 Replacement: Here’s Why

One thing that’s a bit irritating when it happens is when someone decides to state that one movie, or show, is a replacement for another. I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of it too, and it’s been just as frustrating to admit. But the trick here is that Bullet Train does look like it might be a great movie, but a John Wick it won’t be for a few reasons. One of which is that it doesn’t look or sound as serious as any of the Wick movies, which have moments of what could be called dark humor that the fans have thoroughly enjoyed, but Bullet Train appears to have a gag ready and set with every other moment, meaning that it’s bound to be just as funny as it is action-packed. But while it might be called being a purist, the fact is that this movie won’t be a replacement for John Wick, since John Wick not only came first, but it’s heavily focused on the quest that John has been put on, while the trailer to Bullet Train gives the impression that the story is more akin to something like Smokin’ Aces. 

Check that, it’s Smokin’ Aces on a bullet train, complete with several highly-motivated individuals that are seeking the same object while one among them has the strongest claim to it thanks to the narrative. Trying to liken this movie to John Wick in any is bound to confuse some folks while others might simply go along with such an idea since challenging the authority of the John Wick movies isn’t bound to be something that many people are willing to do. From watching the trailer, the movie will end up being the kind of action-packed ride that Brad Pitt has excelled at in the past, and will contain more than enough comedy that will help to balance things out. That’s a prediction anyway, since the trailer can often be the best part of the movie when all is said and done, especially if the look into the movie shows far more than is needed. 

Despite the seriousness of the situation however, Bullet Train doesn’t even appear to venture close to John Wick’s style of action, which is hard-hitting and filled with all kinds of edges that are bound to grind on the emotions and sensibilities of the audience. Bullet Train doesn’t appear to do this, but it’s fair to withhold judgment on this matter until one actually gets to see the movie. For all we know, the violence that’s seen in the trailer could be just a precursor to truly brutal scenes that are bound to make some people think that Hollywood excels at going too far. That’s kind of a ridiculous statement, since of course they do, it’s a hallmark of the business. But this movie still won’t rival John Wick for sheer brutality. This prediction is bound to come true since unless Brad Pitt is going to slowly and inevitably stab someone in the eye, or ram a pencil into the back of someone’s neck, or into their ear, then it’s safe to say that John Wick will retain his title as one of the most brutal killers ever, and the movies will still stand on their own without fear of being replaced. 

Maybe it’s the lack of care that people take with their words, or a slavish devotion to believing that one movie, or franchise, will stand alone without having to share its place with others, but truthfully, it’s more of the former and far less of the latter. Movies will always be under threat of being topped by those that come after them, though some will end up standing the test of time and will be remembered as the greatest of their era by those that are willing to stand up and defend them. In terms of writing out the words that one movie will replace another, it’s simply an irritation felt by a great number of writers that take enough care with their words to avoid making such obvious mistakes when describing one aspect of pop culture or another. In other words, Bullet Train won’t replace John Wick, but it will certainly stand up as a peer if the trailer is just a small taste of what’s to come. 

Between Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt, it’s tough to pick a favorite action star since both men are often quite adept at taking on one role or another that allows them to portray themselves as a tougher than nails character. Pitt tends to be given humorous roles to go along with the action more often than Reeves, but each actor plays to their strengths, and while Keanu can bust out a comedic moment when he needs to, the only reason that Bullet Train might be a little more noticeable will be due to the humor that is bound to take a large part in this movie. When it comes to pure, hard-hitting action, John Wick will still top quite a few movies out there. 

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