Bulldog Watching a Horror Movie Gives Incredible Reaction During Scary Scene

If you are a dog lover you’re going to appreciate this video a great deal.  Even if you’re not a dog lover it’s pretty cool to watch an animal who has a keen understanding of danger, even when it’s on the screen.   This is Khaleesi the bulldog.  Khaleesi happens to love watching horror movies but this is one bulldog that always tries to protect any potential victims from harm. She is especially vocal when children are in danger.

As you’ll see in the clip below, Khaleesi tends to stay pretty calm whenever the noise is lower and when the child in the clip appears to be a bit more calm.  However, as soon as her face gets scared or she starts crying, Khaleesi starts going bananas with barking.

It’s nice to know our furry friends are always watching our backs, even if it’s not directly in front of them.  This video kind of makes me want to get a bulldog now.

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