Bruce Willis Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions About Himself

Bruce Willis Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions About Himself

It kind of makes you wonder how people like Bruce Willis feel when they get asked to answer the web’s most searched questions about themselves. Part of the wonderment comes from wondering just how people think up their questions and if they even know who Bruce Willis really is. It’s interesting to find out that he does sing, probably in the shower or when he’s not thinking about it. But everything else seemed pretty straightforward. It’s not too much to believe that Willis doesn’t go on the internet all that often since even working on it some of us tend to cock our heads and go ‘huh?’. So now imagine a man that dates back to a time when the internet was still something that the military was thought to use on a regular basis. Sure he’s able to use the technology of today but it doesn’t mean that he’ll do it all the time.

It’s got to be said that there’s a little more respect for Willis now, meaning that there’s a lot, because he doesn’t have a Twitter account. There are those that understand Twitter and those who don’t, it’s nothing to laugh at just a personal preference to stay away from it really. In fact some folks really should stay away. After all Bruce Willis isn’t really known for being a tweeter, he’s known for violence, laughter, an occasionally awesome movie, and by and large his one most famous catchphrase, “yippe-kai-ay-“…..well, you know. He’s the guy that goes in, take out the bad guys, and throws around a few one-liners while he’s doing it. That kind of guy.

Why anyone would look for a celebrity’s, or any person’s, personal phone number on Google is hard to fathom. You know back in the day there were these really useful things that weighed about five to ten pounds, they came bound with thousands of pages in them, and they had some pages that were white, and some that were yellow. Oh, right, the Yellow Pages. You might be able to find one or two of them in an antique shop now, sad as that might sound. But you’d be more likely to find a person’s private number in one of those, assuming they hadn’t moved in the last couple of decades, than you would asking Google.

At least Bruce has a good sense of humor while reading most of these but you can see from the look on his face that he can’t quite fathom why or how some of these questions came to be. Personally it seems like a good question posed by any celebrity when they looked at some of the most asked questions on the internet, since with a worldwide network one would think that the answers to questions such as these would be pretty easy to find and could satisfy a person’s curiosity without much trouble. The one question though that asks if Bruce Willis is alive is kind of odd since when a celebrity of Willis’s caliber passes the world knows about it less than a day later. Usually.

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