The Originals Season 2 Episode 22 Review: “Ashes to Ashes”

The Originals

The Originals concluded its second season last night with as close to a fairy-tale ending as possible.  No one lived happily ever after per se, but the villain was defeated and Hope is safe.  The season began and ended with sweet bedtime stories for Hope, which only added to the calming sense of relief rather than the show leaving us with a nerve-racking cliffhanger.

In the aftermath of Klaus’ plan to undermine Dahlia, Elijah can’t find it in himself to forgive his brother so easily this time around.  He killed Gia as though she was nothing, and even worse, he condemned Hayley to the crescent werewolf curse.  Of course, Elijah and Rebekah both acknowledge that Hope is their number one priority now, so they all bond together for her sake, but it’s clear that their family is as disjointed as ever.  Klaus may never forget that Elijah staked him, but I’d say he got his own revenge.  They should just call it even by now.  Rebekah was the only sibling with the courage to stand up to Klaus and call him out on his actions.  He claims he’ll be happy as ever now with his daughter safe and family around to help raise her, but literally no one was sitting by his side.  This will be a major theme going into the third season now, to see if and how the Mikaelson siblings get along.  Elijah swore he was done with Klaus, but even I knew he couldn’t walk away from Hope.  He should not have needed Hayley to even ask him to be there for her daughter.

Speaking of Hayley, she’ll be stuck in wolf form for the foreseeable future, or however long it takes for the witches to break the curse.  As new regent, Davina has a renewed sense of vengeance for the Mikaelson family for hijacking her one chance to resurrect Kol.  They definitely won’t be able to count on her to help with the wolves, but luckily, they still have Freya and now Rebekah back in her witch body.  I’m very interested to see how Freya fits in with her siblings next year because she was in fact promoted to series regular!  It’s a good thing she’ll be sticking around since she’s already making an effort to get back in good graces with her siblings.  First, she offered Rebekah a choice between being a witch or vampire because she knew how much she hated Klaus for always making her decisions for her.  He had unintentionally forced her back into her OG vampire body, and I was glad to see Claire Holt back, if only for one episode.  Rebekah claims she hasn’t decided which body she wants to be in yet but predictably she went with the witch.  She hasn’t given up hope for bringing Kol back and plans on using this body for all those added benefits.  I also need to mention that Rebekah and Marcel are somewhat back together again!  They’ve been growing closer towards the end of this season, so they finally gave in to their desires and kissed.  Yay for them.  I wonder how this will play out next year, because Rebekah kept mentioning how she wanted the chance to have kids, and well, Marcel is still a vampire.

Overall, it was a happy ending for the Mikaelsons.  Even though Esther was resurrected only to sacrifice herself for her children, she went to a better heaven-like place with her sister Dahlia.  That still left the four remaining kids alive and well.  They stood together, as they always will in dire times, but there’s divisions between them that will carry into the next season.  I believe it was Marcel who talked about the Mikaelson paradox and summed it up quite perfectly: they want to love and kill each other at the same time.  In that aspect, everything is right in the world.  At least until the next big bad rises!

Notable quotables:

-”It turns out I have complicated feelings for a monster.” -Cami stating the obvious about Klaus

-”Families fight but when push comes to shove you can always count on a Mikaelson to back a Mikaelson. So watch your back.” -Vincent to Davina

-”Once again, to break your enemies you broke your family.” -Elijah to Klaus

What did you think of the finale?  

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