Brad Pitt as Cable in Deadpool 2? Leaked Concept Art Seems to Think So

Brad Pitt as Cable in Deadpool 2?  Leaked Concept Art Seems to Think So

Yesterday I wrote an entire article that showed my support for Michael Shannon getting the part of Cable in Deadpool 2.  While I’m still of the opinion that he’d be great in the film, this little Brad Pitt rumor has certainly changed things around a little bit.  Right after the Michael Shannon rumor hit, the Brad Pitt one followed pretty quickly.  If I were to take a guess as to who’s in the lead now?  From the looks of this actual concept art leaked from the film, Pitt would certainly appear to be the front runner at the moment.

The concept art popped up on CBM, and it also includes what kind of look they are going for with Domino and a redesigned suit for Colossus. Then, of course, there’s one of Deadpool in a yellow t-shirt.  I can’t lie.  If these are the actual costumes that Cable will be wearing from an aesthetic viewpoint Brad Pitt looks to be the better fit.

Frankly it would be nice to see some Michael Shannon concept art as well so we could at least make a side by side comparison.  While both actors are completely different I think each would bring something special to the role.  Shannon would be a little darker but I could just see a Tyler Durden approach that would be an incredible attention grabber.

UPDATE:  We had to remove the art because as of right now we’re not sure where it was sourced and until Fox studios gets confirmation you’ll have to settle for the picture above.  Once we hear something you’ll be notified.



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