Boy Kills World Already Sounds Like a Crazy Movie

Boy Kills World Already Sounds Like a Crazy Movie

Boy Kills World Already Sounds Like a Crazy Movie

Boy Kills World

credit: The Devil All the Time

Boy Kills World already sounds like a crazy movie, and many fans are here for it. Bill Skarsgard has become a huge draw for many movies since his casting as Pennywise several years ago. He has been featured in some of the most disturbing but effective movies in recent years. 

In Boy Kills World, it sounds like he will portray a man who has endured a great tragedy. The result will show him as an individual bent on a bloody, action-filled revenge story. With Jessica Rothe starring alongside him, this feels as though this movie will get very crazy without hesitation. 

Rothe, the star of the campy horror hit Happy Death Day, has also seen her career elevated in recent years. Surprisingly, the movie that has helped further her career is built on a very simple premise, but people have loved it. This could argue that simplicity has taken over in a big way in Hollywood movies. Honestly, that’s not a bad thing. 

Together, Skarsgard and Rothe sound like an odd pairing, but the chances are that they’ll help create an interesting story. 

Boy Kills World

credit: Happy Death Day

Jessica Rothe is famous due to Happy Death Day

In all fairness, Rothe has starred in several movies, but many remember her vividly from Happy Death Day. Her presence is strong enough that she has made her mark in Hollywood. However, the movie in which she played the lead that gained the attention of fans is the one that people remember most. 

She’s starred in La La Land, Body Brokers, and many other movies. Despite this, her presence as a strong and capable actress, while well-established, is still building. She’s easy to notice and appreciate, but unlike many other actresses, she is not necessarily seen as forceful enough to push her name to the front that often. 

This movie is a chance for Rothe to step up and take the lead again to help fans remember that she is someone to be celebrated. If she can stand toe to toe with Skarsgard, it’s fair to state that she can do anything. 

Bill Skarsgard is showing up in a few very big movies as of late

As a part of the Skarsgard family, Bill Skarsgard doesn’t have anything to prove. But he does have a reputation thanks to his father and brothers, who are also actors. Thanks to their contributions to cinema and TV, Bill does have some competition. Thankfully, he’s proved that he’s up to the task. This is the man that took on the role of a favored villain in It, after all. 

Not only did he take it on, but he proved that his acting was great enough to please the fans, which is important. Other movies that he’s appeared in, either as a lead or a supporting character, have shown that, at this moment, he can do no wrong. 

Boy Kills World

credit: Boy Kills World

Samara Weaving was going to star in the movie, but scheduling conflicts arose

It’s fair to say that Samara Weaving is a slightly stronger actress in action and horror. Unfortunately, her schedule became a little too busy to accommodate this movie. This is common in Hollywood among many of the more popular actors. 

While Weaving is much more intense, Rothe is still easy to appreciate since they both have their strengths. Rothe is, at times, a little easier on the eyes, while Samara has the definite attitude of an action star. Had it been possible to put both women in this movie, it would have undoubtedly elevated the status of this story in a big way. 

But accepting the switch isn’t hard since Rothe is popular with fans, much like Weaving. When it comes to the main premise, though, it will prove interesting if Rothe can impress the fans in the same manner as Weaving. There’s a lot of faith in Skarsgard since he’s proven as an action star. But there’s a lot of promise when it comes to Rothe. 

The premise of the movie sounds interesting

The idea of a young man losing his family and swearing revenge is interesting. Making him unable to speak or hear is even more intriguing. This adds an element that increases the tension in the story. Skarsgard has become a big commodity in Hollywood since he’s become a versatile actor. 

The movie’s release date is not yet known, but it appears it will reach theaters in 2023. It’s fair to state that many fans will be ready to purchase a ticket to see what the movie is all about. 

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