Boundary Is a New Outer Space Competitive Shooter Releasing Soon

Boundary is an off-world shooter that is coming out soon. This title came out of nowhere and nobody saw it coming. It definitely takes a fresh perspective on the first-person shooter genre. Developer Surgical Scalpels is taking the basic premise of Rainbow Six and taking it out into orbit. This game is a multiplayer team-based shooter where players will be taking control of “Astroperators” as they try to take over each other’s bases. Due to the zero-gravity atmosphere, gameplay takes on a whole new dimension with deathmatches. At launch, Boundary will have several game modes to try out. Even though some will be more favorable than others, they will offer intense interstellar action.

This game comes with an assortment of weapons and customizations. They are all futuristic interpretations of firearms that gamers have become accustomed to over the years. On top of that, avatar’s spacesuits can also be adjusted to fit a gamer’s play style. The pylons that are installed in the back of the suit can be upgraded with grenades and other projectiles. Not to mention that players can also tinker with the movement of their avatar. The spacesuit can come equipped with a grappling hook, boosters, and brakes. They all can be switched out with other variations with adjustable stats. This competitive shooter may seem jarring at first, but the slick controls make it a joy to play. The feeling of moving around a player’s avatar is no different than controlling a drone or spacecraft.


Stars and Scars

There are different classes that players can choose from. They all come with their own respective weapons and skills. At launch, there will be a total of six classes to chose from. There will be Vodka who is a “combat operator.” This character is the basic assault class that comes with an adrenaline boost to increase speed and damage. Shielder is a “support operator.” She is the heavy class to where she comes with a portable shield and turret guns to mow down the opposition. She is a floating tank that can hold down posts effectively. Leeway is a sniper class, that specializes in reduced recoil and steady shots. Spiker is almost like the “space ninja” of the group. He comes in handy with sneaking around and taking out opponents with melee attacks. Thus, he can also shut down electrical devices. Fixer falls under the “medic” category. He can repair damaged suits and devices, plus he can even revive downed teammates in certain modes. Probe is more like a “recon class.” He will lock on enemies and track missiles and other projectiles while giving away positions to the enemies.

Boundary will come with a healthy mix of game modes at launch. The classic team deathmatch will be available. It will be what everyone will expect, which is whoever has the most frags wins. The next mode is called “Skirmish.” This is where all the players will randomly play as the same class, with the same weapons. It will play like the standard “Elimination Mode” in the sense that the last person standing will be the victor. Facility Capture is very similar to “King of the Hill.” A team will be required to hold down the post and build up points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins. The biggest game mode will be Orbital Purge. Any player who has played the “rush modes” in the Battlefield series will know what to expect. One team needs to plant a bomb and defend it while the opposing team tries to disarm it. It is also worth pointing out that there will be no respawns in this mode, either. This mode will most likely be the bread and butter of this title.

Avoid The Void

The game will come with 8 unique maps that each have an original flow and aesthetics. Everything throughout the environment is destructible. Simply hiding behind cover and giving off pop shots isn’t going to cut it in this game. The key to victory is constant movement. The different game modes will range from 5v5 to 3v3 matches. Boundary won’t have a single-player story. This game will strictly be a multi-player experience. Very similar to the Call of Duty franchise, weapons will have sundry unlockable attachments and skins. The weapon customization in Boundary is taking things to a new level. Players can even rearrange the bullets in their magazines. The first 10 bullets can be armor-piercing, while the others can be electromagnetic, for example.

The developers didn’t want this title to feel too “futuristic.” They wanted the aesthetic to feel modern with today’s current weaponry. Therefore, there won’t be any laser guns, bolt cannons, or things of that ilk. Even though everything will be taking place in zero-point gravity, it will all still feel practical. There will be a sense of ballistics in each map. Depending on the trajectory, bullets can fly through walls and hit players on the other side. Given this game is in outer space, the weight of the bullets will be non-existent. They will travel in a straight line forever without dropping. Plus, grenades won’t bounce off walls like FPS players are used to. They will simply just linger in the air before detonating. Little things like this add up to make Boundary a whole new offering within the slew of first-person shooters out there.

Crafting Cosmic Combat

Boundary was slated to be released this past January but was delayed for more polish. The developers are getting close to wrapping everything up and they now want to release it in Summer 2021. Chances are that this game might be delayed one more time, since a solid release date hasn’t been announced, yet. This game has been in development for quite a few years and it appears that it is ready to go. Hopefully, a hearty community of players will embrace this title and help it grow. Toppling over the FPS titan’s Battlefield and Call of Duty is no easy feat and this game at least has something fresh to bring. Boundary will be available for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC later this year.

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