The Top Uses of Bonnie Raitt Songs in Movies or TV

Somehow it was increasingly difficult to find Bonnie Raitt songs that conform to movies, even though many people might reason that it should be exceedingly simple. Once they were found though they were like warm, nostalgic gems within the overwhelming dearth of clips that the internet has to give. She might be getting up in years at this point but Bonnie Raitt is still one of the more idolized singers thanks to some of the songs that she’s produced in the past that have become classics that more than one generation has found enjoyable.

There’s something just fun and meaningful about her music to be honest.

5. Step Brothers-Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

It’s been said that Will Ferrell can actually sing, but he definitely toned his voice down in this movie since he sounds like a scared little boy trying to belt out a note for the first time. It’d be nice to hear his real voice in a movie for once and not the cheesy, over the top performance he has to give for each character. That being said it is a comedy and that’s what it’s all about, but hey, it’d still be nice to hear what he can really do.

4. Bonnie Raitt-Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

There’s something fun about this song that defies easy explanation. It’s withstood the test of time since people can be heard humming and singing it now and again, especially when they’re in a good mood or just feeling reflective and need a song to place on their lips. If nothing else it’s one of those songs that reminds you that life isn’t all about the perceptions of others when it comes to what you want. Give them something to talk about, but make sure it’s genuine.

3. The Client List-Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

This is an actress you don’t see that much of anymore, but if she has a voice like this in real life you might wonder why she hasn’t tried going down another road once her acting career started to dip. So many people in Hollywood have been doing whatever it takes to diversify as of late that Jennifer Love Hewitt seems like she would be best served by grabbing up the mic and trying to put out an album.

2. Boys On the Side-You Got It

Life gives people odds and ends and expects them to do with these curious objects what they can at times. In the case of this movie three women that supposedly have little in common come together and have an adventure across the country that eventually ends in heartache, but also revelation. Sometimes it takes doing something wild and completely crazy and a tragedy that follows not long after to open your eyes to the fact that life is still waiting to be lived.

1. American Idol-I Can’t Make You Love Me

It might be considered an honor to hear one of your songs on a show like American Idol, as it means that someone has truly loved your music and is willing to use it as their chance to seek fame. If this is the case then many musicians have been suitably honored by the contestants on this show.

This list was not easy to find, but it’s a glad thing that it was.

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