Bones 9.21 Review: “The Cold in the Case”

Bones 9.21 Review: “The Cold in the Case”


With only a month until the season 9 finale of Bones, things should start heating up around the Jeffersonian.  Executive Producer Stephen Nathan has confirmed there will be a huge story line involving the Ghost Face Killer. However, tonight’s episode entitled, “The Cold in the Case,” included no mention of the serial killer. Instead, the episode focused on a cryogenically frozen body. And you thought Bones writers were all out of creative ways for people to die…

The episode begins with a boy riding a bike down a street that reminds me of Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives.  A young couple is looking to buy a home in the new development.  That is until a dog decides to play fetch with part of a human skull.  Not surprising, the couple flees. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and her team are soon on the case. The victim is determined to be a Caucasian female in her 30’s. They are unable to figure out the time of death because the facts suggest multiple different times the person could have died.

The Squintern of the week is Arastoo (Pej Vahdat), which is convenient because he is part of the B story line involving Cam (Tamara Taylor).  Arastoo’s parents are in town and they want to meet Cam. Arastoo’s parents are very religious, so they may be less than thrilled to know that Cam is not Muslim. Hopefully, Arastoo has informed his parents of this since he and Cam have been dating for quite some time. It is shocking that Cam has yet to meet them considering Arastoo almost died last season and Cam never left his bedside at the hospital.

Between the tension created by Arastoo and Cam at the lab, the team finds out the victim had a bone marrow aspiration one year ago. That should make it easier to put a name to the face or should we say skull?  Booth (David Boreanaz) announces that the victim is Madeline Papadelis. Angela (Michael Conlin) provides some information that indicated Madeline’s daughter recently died of Cystic Fibrosis.

Suspect #1 is Madeline’s ex-husband who, like every other ex questioned on this show, threatened to kill his spouse. They were fighting over how their daughter was treated for her disease.  Since tongues and snouts of animals were found on the victim, Booth and Brennan think the ex is the likely killer because he is a hunter. This is too obvious of a choice and too early on in the investigation to have found the killer.

Back at the lab, Cam uncovers facts that prove Madeline was frozen shortly after she died.  One interesting fact I learned from the episode is that when you die urine in your bladder is expelled, unless it is frozen. This explains why the team was unable to pinpoint a time of death. The body was in different phases of thawing when it was found.

Though Brennan has proven that Madeline was cyrogenically frozen, the team is not any closer to catching the killer. To find more information, Booth and Bones travel to a cyrobank.  During the trip, the two discuss Booth’s possible promotion to Germany. Brennan insists she would drop everything and move if they had to, which proves what we already knew about this couple. They love one another and would do anything to make the other happy. Madeline’s daughter is a patient at the bank and Brennan alerts the doctor’s that all the evidence proves Madeline was frozen there as well, though the doctors know nothing about this. Most likely a lie. One of the doctors blames another doctor name Tripp Warshaw, who was freezing patients in his garage. Something you think would send someone to jail. Warshaw was out of town during the time of the murder, so he has an alibi.

Arastoo and Cam are now off to dinner with his parents. They both seem very interested in knowing more about Cam, which is great especially because Cam and Arastoo make a cute couple. Arastoo causes a scene in the restaurant, something I have never witnessed in real life, and he and Cam make a quick exit.  Arastoo goes back to the lab and unearths another clue. Whomever froze Madeline did so with faulty tools.

Angela pinpoints a video showing Noah, one of the doctors from the cyrobank, sawing into one of his patients. When payment stops on a frozen person, he only saves the brain and sells the other body parts for transplants. Noah asserts Madeline was in agreement with creating more room for patients by cutting off and selling the organs.  No one is considering Michelle, the other doctor, which makes her the number one suspect in my opinion.

Arastoo and Brennan learn that a “crack phone,” which is a microphone placed in the skull to monitor cracking during a freezing, was placed in Madeline’s skull. The killer was the one who inserted it before death.  The ex-husband would not have been able to perform such a procedure, but I bet Michelle knew how. During questioning it comes to light that Michelle felt threatened by Madeline because she was potentially having an affair with Noah, who is Michelle’s husband. Instead of confessing to the crime, she requests a lawyer. The team needs to find a direct clue to prove she was a killer. Instead they figure out Noah was the culprit. Well, I guess I can’t be right all the time.

In the end, Arastoo’s parents visit Cam and Arastoo. They wanted to tell him that they do approve of Cam. How could they not? Cam is successful and intelligent. Most guys would be lucky to have a girl like that talk to them let alone date them. Could these two be the next couple on the show to tie the knot? If so, The Jeffersonian should be the place we all want to work if we are looking for our potential mate.

[Photo via Ray Mickshaw/FOX]

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