The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Worries About Getting Liam Back

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are watching as Steffy works hard to get Liam back. She is doing everything in her power to win him back, and she’s not taking a break from her needs for one moment to stop with it and focus on anything else. She’s got things to do, and she’s going to go get to him. However, she’s going to panic herself and make it a big mess for everyone involved. She had a long talk with Hope about things, and she knows how Hope feels.

She knows that Hope has feelings for Liam, but she also knows that Hope is really rooting for Steffy and Liam and work things out and give their baby the family it needs. She’s on that page even though she personally wants to be with him. However, she’s not going to stop what she’s doing to interfere with this situation. The entire baby thing has her changing her mind and doing things the right now.

But we do think that Steffy is going to allow her fear to get the best of her, which might make her life very interesting as things go on. She won’t allow this to make things good for herself, so she might just run them together because she cannot keep her own life in order. She’s making a mess of everything, and it’s showing us that she can’t get it together. Will she send them into one another’s arms all by herself anyway?

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