The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Confronts Bill

The Bold and the Beautiful fans will see that Sally is going to confront Bill. She’s not happy about everything he did to her, and this whole thing with Liam just pushed her over the edge. She’s been looking for a way to pay him back for the time he tried to lie and cheat and steal from her by dragging her company name through the mud and making sure everyone thought her clothing and designs were awful. This led to a spiral and a downfall she couldn’t control well, and it led to a lot of other problems she had a hard time with.

It also led to her almost dying when he tried to burn down her building while she was in it. She survived, and then he tried to blow up her building while she was in it. It was a bad situation all the way around, and this is why no one can handle what is going on in their lives. Now she’s mad about that and a few other things.

And she’s going to confront him. She is going to make sure that he is going to focus on what is going on in her life so he can see how he affected all of their lives and all that happened to them. He is to blame for so much, and she is going to make him pay for all of it. How is that going to work?

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