Will Omega Ever Meet Boba Fett In Other Star Wars Shows?

Will Omega Ever Meet Boba Fett In Other Star Wars Shows?

If you kept up with The Bad Batch, you might of found Omega to be one of its best characters. Who would think that a kid would become such an interesting character? Then again, she’s not really a kid, is she? Of course, we all suspected that there was something peculiar about her, but the fact that the Kaminoans were so obsessed with retrieving her meant something. A bit of a spoiler alert, the cloning facility on Kamino was destroyed by the Empire, which means we probably won’t be seeing new Clone Troopers ever again. But we Star Wars fans know what happens afterwards. The Empire decided to replace the Clone Troopers with Stormtroopers due to the excessive cost of having to keep producing the clones. Yeah, probably not the smartest choice, as we know how effective the Clone Troopers were compared to the Stormtroopers.

So we’re probably not getting anymore Clone Troopers, but it doesn’t matter. We have the unique clones in the Bad Batch, and their newest companion, Omega. Why are the clone makers of Kamino so obsessed with getting her back? Her DNA is unique and they probably need her for some kind of cloning process. You know what comes to mind? First of all, the beginning of the creation of Snoke, who I seriously wish was the real big bad of the sequels. That’s probably still part of the reason, but I have a feeling they need her DNA to resurrect Palpatine. Wait, wasn’t that a clone of Palpatine? I don’t even know, but I’d rather just forget about it.

Now The Bad Batch ended with the squad escaping Kamino, with the exception of Crosshair, who chose to stay loyal to the Empire. Hopefully he comes back to the squad and they can be whole again, but we’ll see what happens next season. Overall, The Bad Batch, in my opinion, was a welcomed addition to the animated Star Wars shows. All the characters were unique and brought something special to the show, but Omega quickly became the heart and soul of the team. Her chemistry with each member of the squad, especially Wrecker and Hunter, were some of the key highlights of the season.

Aside from that, it’s important to understand just how crucial Omega is to the overall story of the Star Wars universe. In the later episodes of season one, we learned why she is called Omega to begin with. The clone creators used the DNA coding of Jango Fett, the original host, to create the first clone. Of course, we all know who that is, the famous Boba Fett. For the longest time, I actually thought Boba was Jango’s actual son. That was, until I read a Star Wars book that told the story of Attack of the Clones through Boba’s perspective. Jango was the original host, and Boba, his “son”, was basically the first experiment to see what would become of the cloning process.

What The Bad Batch revealed to us is that Boba was actually considered to be the “Alpha” of the clones. Where there’s an Alpha, you know there’s going to be an Omega. It turns out that little Omega herself, was the Omega, another first experiment of the cloning process. Technically speaking, this all means that Omega is Boba Fett’s sister. That’s a lot to take in. Does anyone think that Omega and Boba Fett ever met each other at one point? It’s possible, but Boba has never mentioned her, so I doubt it. With that in mind, I would be very curious to see an interaction between these two characters. Of course, we need to see more of Omega in her current state.

She’s a child who has spent her whole life being raised under the roof of the Kaminoans. She’s still naive, as any child of her stature would be, but she does have a strong desire to do good by her fellow “genetically altered” clones. I like seeing her as the naive and vulnerable child, because that means she has to grow as a character. Like essentially all the prequel characters, we’ll leave it to the animated show to give her some proper character development.

That reminds me, The Book of Boba Fett is coming soon, isn’t it? That’s good, because I’m excited to see Boba Fett be expanded on. As one of the most iconic characters in the franchise, he very much deserves it. But at one point, I do believe we should see Omega meet her “brother” and the only question is in what fashion? The Bad Batch takes place right after the events of Revenge of the Sith, where Omega and Boba Fett are still young children. Omega was living under the safe haven of Kamino, while Boba Fett had to endure the hard life of a bounty hunter. That creates a critical difference between their characters, and where they continued their journeys only exacerbates that.

Speaking of which, we last see Boba Fett in a scarred, but even more dangerous state. He’s all out for revenge against those who have wronged him in the past and has a companion to back him up. This Boba Fett is back and deadlier than ever, but what is the status of Omega? Where Boba Fett is now, his story takes place several years after Return of the Jedi. He’s an older man by now, which means Omega should be just about the same age as him. Does she grow old like Boba or did she perish before the events of The Mandalorian? I certainly hope not, but it’s obvious she stuck by the Bad Batch for a while. It’s unclear what happened to them by the time the original movies started, but they most likely weren’t around to help the Rebellion.

I’m excited to see where their story goes, but I’m wondering if Omega made it to adulthood. If she did, then I’d like to see her interact with Boba Fett. Seeing them discover that they have a familial connection, as oddly scientific as it is, could lead to some very interesting character development for both of them. I’m excited to see the Bad Batch return for a second season.The Bad Batch

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