The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Caroline Tells Bill She Can’t Lie Anymore

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Bill is lying big time to Thomas about what happened to Caroline, and we are going to see that she’s not loving this entire situation. She’s going to tell her uncle she can’t handle this. She wants Thomas back in her life, of course, but she can’t handle pretending to be dying with him all the time. She doesn’t like the feeling of being with a man when she knows it’s nothing more than sheer manipulation.

She’s going to confront Bill about it, but he won’t feel at all bad. He will be annoyed that she’s mad about the situation, but he will do whatever it takes to keep this lie going so that he can have whatever he wants as he gets into the future of their life. He is sure he wants to get this building from the Spectra’s and he can’t do that if Thomas and Sally are all happy and stuff. This means he’s going to have to do what he can to change that.

And he won’t let Caroline get in his way. He will do whatever it takes, and we have a big feeling that he is going to go out of his way to be sure that he gets what he wants. Does this mean that there is a chance he might do something bad to Caroline to keep her in line? We don’t put it past him at this point, and that’s scary.


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