The Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Sees Nothing Wrong

The Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Sees Nothing Wrong

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are perfectly aware that Sally thinks she is innocent in all this, but we all know better. We know that Sally is not innocent. She might say all she wants that she doesn’t need a man, especially one that has the kind of power as Bill and his family, but she’s still in the process of leaning heavily on Liam to get what she wants and to work. She knows he is married. She knows that he is the brother-in-law of Thomas. She knows that his wife hates her and his father hates her, yet here she is working on the situation that is going on in her own mind. She knows he has feelings for her.

She’s not putting a stop to what is happening, and she’s not doing anything to discourage the situation. In fact, she’s doing everything in her power to keep Liam on her side knowing that she’s putting all of his familial relationships at risk. Sure, they’re not great anyway, but she’s not thinking about this the way she should.

She’s playing a game that’s very dangerous. She wouldn’t like it if she were married and her husband was spending this kind of time and effort and energy on someone else, especially if she hated that woman. She would not like it, yet here she is playing the role of the other woman without actually being the other woman just yet. It’s dangerous, and she’s not looking to change.

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