The Bold and the Beautiful: Is There Any Hope for Steffy and Liam?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans were happy this week as so many things happened that made everyone feel excited. There’s a lot of drama right now, and it’s only getting better as time goes on. But we have to ask the question that is on everyone’s mind right now. Is there a chance that Bill can get Liam and Steffy to work things out and do the right thing for their baby after he has slept with Steffy, the baby might have been his if the paternity test went the other way?

And what about all the rest of the people who know about this? We are not sure there is any hope for them. Hope; that’s another problem. She’s back in town and she’s going to make it her mission to be there for Liam. She might think she can do that without any old feelings coming back to haunt her, but she’s wrong.

And there is also Sally. She’s had feelings for Liam for some time now, and she’s not about to give up on a chance to be with him now that his marriage has totally failed. Even if he decides to forgive Steffy and coparent their baby with her, chances are slim he’s bothering to stay married to her. He’s got options, and half those options didn’t sleep with his father and question if his baby was really his baby. It’s kind of dealbreaker situation for a lot of men, believe it or not.

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