The Bold and the Beautiful: Coco Stands Up for Herself

The Bold and the Beautiful: Coco Stands Up for Herself

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show us that the meek and very mild Coco is not about to sit back and let her sister use her again. She’s so upset that Sally did what she did, and she’s going to confront her. She had no idea that Saul inserted spy cameras in her glasses so they could spy on the Forrester family any time Coco was with them. She was an unwilling participant in her grandmother and sister’s game, and she’s not about to sit back and let them go on doing the things they’re doing without her showing a piece of her own mind.

Unfortunately for Coco, no one believes her. RJ believes that her sister and grandmother used her like this, but the rest of the family is unsure they believe what she’s saying. Coco is innocent in this entire game, and she’s not happy that they would use her. She’s got RJ on her side, but we suspect that’s only for so long. There is a good chance this young man might cave to the pressures of his own family and turn on her when they get their hands on him. He’s so in love with her right now that he can’t see anything else, but there is a good chance his family might get to him.

Will he begin to suspect differently of Coco, or will he continue to believe that the young woman he’s in love with is innocent? We don’t know, but we do know that this is one couple that might not make it. They have some serious issues to handle on their own, and this kind of pressure coming from her family won’t make it easier on them. We don’t know that they can do it, but we hope they can. Here’s to Coco finally standing up for herself and changing her own life.

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