Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Premiere Recap and Review

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Premiere Recap and Review

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Premiere Recap and Review

The Belcher family is back for another season of Bob’s Burgers, but they’re looking slightly different in the premiere episode of season 8. The introduction and the entire episode is animated using incredible fan art, a remarkable move by the award-winning animated series to showcase not only their loyalty to their viewers but also exactly why the show is awesome to begin with.

The premiere was definitely fun and unique because of the fan art animation, but the story itself was typical Bob’s Burgers in the best of ways. The episode starts off with the family having a normal breakfast with the discussion of the possibility of a dog joining the family. Bob and Linda are adamantly opposed to the idea of it, but the dialogue and the family picture Gene drew are just the usual hilarity. The kids show they are responsible enough to have a dog throughout the show, but it seems the answer about the dog will always be no.

The rest of the episode titled Brunchsquatch focuses on Bob and Linda’s decision to try brunch at their restaurant. The brunch includes bottomless mimosas, a great idea off the bat, but of course, the couple forgets that customers should be required to purchase an entrée to get the mimosas. We also see that Gene brought back the Beefsquatch character specifically for brunch, which means that he’s added an egg and a slice of bacon to his costume to become Brunchsquatch. Gene’s job is to get customers to come, but the family already has a line forming outside of the restaurant waiting for the doors to open.

As soon as it does, people rush in to get seated. We meet a brunch blogger, who ends up ordering the first round of mimosas. You can imagine the amount of people that get completely trashed during brunch. The blogger’s table order food eventually, but the rest of the restaurant just keeps on downing flute after flute of mimosas. After several rounds of “off-tasting orange juice”, weird conversations, and a restaurant full of drunken brunchers, Linda eventually has to cut off the supply and kick everyone out. 911 comes and that’s that. That scene ends with Gene exclaiming that he loves brunch but only after Calvin finally finds his brother Felix underneath Gene’s Brunchsquatch costume. Yes, Louise has been hiding Felix in the freezer for most of the episode–just another silly secondary plot.

The episode ends with the food blogger enjoying a privately cooked brunch at the Belcher home, while the Belcher kids enjoy the blogger’s dog. They still can’t have a dog even after they’ve shown that they can take care of a stray, aka Felix, as needed. So the food blogger brings his dog for the kids to play with. The Belcher children draws another picture of the family with the blogger and his dog, but the drawing shows the children stabbing the blogger just so they can keep his dog. We may one day see this happen, but not in the premiere episode.

The premiere was great to say the least. The brunch storyline is simple comedic genius and the dog storyline is cute. We’ll be tuning in to the rest of the season, hoping for maybe more of Gene’s Beefsquatch in the future. Bob’s Burgers is on every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. on Fox.

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