Blueface Knocks Out Chrisean Rock’s Dad

Blueface Knocks Out Chrisean Rock’s Dad
Blueface Knocks Out Chrisean Rock’s Dad

Credit: TMZ

Surprise, surprise, there’s trouble in paradise for the romantic couple.

Last month, Blueface and Chrisean Rock got into a heated altercation down on Hollywood Blvd on August 2. That was followed up with Rock getting arrested for another incident involving the Compton native, with the rapper going viral for posting an Instagram story pleading with Rock to leave him for good:

“So we’re here with Baby D, the world’s heavyweight champ. Don’t laugh now; what’s funny? What’s funny?” he said. “She done hit me in my s**t. Got a nice lil’ shiner, Blueface added. “What, you need to leave me the f**k alone? F**k it, 100,00. You’re viral now because, come on. You wanna beat me up in public and s**t so wassup?”

Well, after the couple’s turbulent month, they promised TMZ that there would be no more fights between them. Thus far, they managed to keep their word; however, that didn’t mean more drama wouldn’t take place in their relationship. This time, it’s between Blueface and Rock’s father. Explosive footage was released on September 17 that showcased both men getting into a scuffle, with the rapper knocking out Christian’s father.

Blueface Knocks Out Chrisean Rock’s Dad


At the moment, neither side has given their story on how the altercation started, but a family member called out the singer following the viral video, “Chrisean, you green asf yall on some weird a*** s**t. COME FIGHT ME!!” Blueface had no sympathy for the situation, sarcastically responding on social media with “I’m her daddy now.”

Despite Rock’s father being in this situation, the singer had no remorse for him and stated that he should’ve been knocked out a long time ago, “What hurts da most ion have nothing to this sh*t for I was doing it for my family.” Rock started in her emotional post. “That same dad that got knocked out was the guy that tied my mom up in the woods just to beat her because she screamed so loud in the house when he beat her in front of us. He went out of his way to damage my whole family, that same dad I met when I was 7. Somebody was supposed to knock that n**a out a long time ago.” She shared before deleting her post.

Blueface Knocks Out Chrisean Rock’s Dad

Credit: One Time

Thus far, no charges have been filed in the traumatic incident, and Rock’s father has been silent over the whole ordeal. This is unfortunate, as the relationship between Blueface and Rock isn’t particularly healthy. Even though the controversy this time doesn’t revolve around the drama between them, both come with plenty of baggage from outside forces. Blueface has had significant issues with his mother and sister, Karlissa Stafford and Kali Miller. Not as much is known about Rock’s home life, but her father was in prison until she was seven years old. In addition, her mother struggled with addiction, making life even harder for her growing. Despite all the trials and tribulations that even resulted in her being homeless at one point, Rock managed to find some success, starting with Youtube and expanding her career from that moment on.

Hopefully, the couple can build and leave their troubles behind, as the rapper has stated that he wants a long future with his girlfriend, “As far as her and me, we’re building. I think we’ll have a skyscraper by the time we’re done. If all goes well…you know [..]she doesn’t burn my house down or anything.” He stated on The Shade Room. Both currently have music coming out, with the rapper releasing his song, One time. Hopefully, everyone involved has settled their differences and moved on.

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