Danielle Bregoli is Going Back on Dr. Phil Today: “Cash Me Outside” Part 2

Danielle Bregoli isn’t just your normal problem teenager who’s made an appearance on a show like Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer.  This is a girl who took the internet by complete storm.  Her phrase “Catch me Outside, how ’bout dat?” became famous.  Actually I believe it was written “Cash Me Outside.”  An internet meme was born and her Youtube clip got close to 100 million views.  Why do I bring this up?  Because this was way back in September.  I just found out that Bregoli is going back on Dr. Phil today.   According to Heavy:

Sadly, Bregoli’s appearance won’t mention the teen’s altercation on board a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX on February 6. TMZ reported at the time that Bregoli’s mother was struggling to put a bag into overhead storage. Another passenger grew impatient with the hold-up and caused Bregoli to lose her temper.  The result was a minor brawl and words we cannot repeat here.

Back when Danielle first appeared on Dr. Phil her mother Barbara Ann Peskowitz said:

My daughter is out of control. She has stolen my credit cards, she has stolen money out of my wallet. She has even taken my jewelry. Danielle has run away a good 10 times, three times in the same day. I took the door off her room because she was sneaking out her bedroom window and getting in the car. She’s not afraid of the police. She’s not afraid of anyone. I really don’t know what she’s capable of, and that’s the scary part. I’m definitely at the end of my rope. I just don’t know what to do with her anymore.

It’s hard to even imagine that the two even live together after that first show aired, but it’s literally been almost 6 months.  Whatever memes pop up after today’s show are bound to be interesting.  I’d be super surprised but also incredibly happy if there were some kind of 180 degree turn and she went to boot camp or something.  I have a feeling that won’t happen but we’ll keep you posted on what happens today with Danielle Bregoli.  Should be interesting.



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