The Real Reason The Twilight Zone Reboot Was Canceled

The Real Reason The Twilight Zone Reboot Was Canceled

What’s one of the biggest reasons that any show will end up going off the air? If you thought of anything but ratings you might need to remember that politics behind the camera are definitely a problem at times but they’re usually easier to solve than low ratings. that’s what happened to The Twilight Zone, and many people didn’t think it would since the stories were actually more than a little interesting and the manner in which they were told was impressive enough to think that the show might last a few seasons. But as interesting as it was, the show wasn’t strong enough to eke through a season that saw ratings drop dramatically for one reason or another. Perhaps the novelty wore off, or maybe people figured that they’d seen all they needed to see. The fact is that not every reboot or remake is going to be universally loved, even with Jordan Peele and several other notable names on board. There is a time when some ideas simply need to be set down and left alone for a while to allow new ideas to come to fruition. It almost feels as though harping on this idea is something that some people get and other people refuse to comprehend when reboots and remakes continue to be rolled out in a new wrapper with a supposedly new idea to spark the imagination of the audience.

The sad truth is that a remake or a reboot is kind of like buying a used car that’s been given a new and improved look, there’s only so much that vehicle is going to be able to give since over the years since it first came off the line it’s already given a great deal. Even reconditioning everything that goes with it, replacing certain parts and upgrading others, is only going to do so much since after a while it’s no longer the same thing that it was when first starting out. The analogy fits once you really think about it since The Twilight Zone could make its way to another site and possibly take on another season, but after a while, it’s going to be time to lay it to rest for good since it will be worn through and the only thing that will still be there will be the title, which will be revered for as long as people remember it, but won’t be much good to anyone and should likely be retired. That sounds a bit harsh since a lot of people grew up watching shows like The Twilight Zone, especially the older episodes that a lot of folks can probably still remember by heart. But in this day and age those stories, while still interesting, are so well known that the only way to really present them any longer in a manner that would make sense would be to change things around in a way that a lot of people might take issue with.

One could say that like so many other shows that The Twilight Zone had its chance and it came and went as such things do happen. There might be a lot of folks that would want to argue with this, especially fans of Jordan Peele, but trying to fight against what people want and what they don’t it’s a pointless struggle since the audience will make it known what they want to watch and what they don’t. Getting psyched about the show was a bit difficult since being wary of a reboot these days is natural and on top of that it’s something that one can’t help but feel justified in since presenting an old idea in a new way is sometimes one of the worst possible ideas. It can work, don’t get that twisted, but there are times when the fans are bound to be resistant either because they don’t think it’s a good idea or simply because they don’t want to see a classic performed in any other way. In a way, it doesn’t help any that those in charge want it to be known that the show wasn’t canceled, but that they decided to leave on their own terms. That explanation usually doesn’t fly with anyone other than the most staunch supporters of a show or those running it, since the chance to continue forward and continue to make money is one that a lot of people don’t usually pass up. On top of that, if the show manages to pop up on another site those words ‘on our own terms’ will come back to haunt the people that said them since it will be obvious that they were looking for greener pastures.

Until that happens, IF that happens, we’ll just have to accept that the show won’t be seen on Paramount+ in the days to come.

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