Blood Appears to Sharpen the Edge of the Vampire Genre

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Asking a person how far they would go to keep their child safe and secure is a loaded question, even if some feel that it comes with a very easy answer. When applied to a movie such as Blood, however, it would appear that this question becomes a deep dive into the morality of preserving one’s child when it goes against everything a person knows to be right. Bridget Monoghan and Skeet Ulrich star in this edgy and disturbing-looking tale of a young boy that contracts a strange disease that gives him a severe craving for blood. The trailer makes it clear that this occurs after the boy is mauled by the family dog, which is somehow infected after coming into contact with what looks like an extremely ominous tree. From that point, it’s a dizzying and uncertain look at several images that imply that not only will the boy go out of control at some point, but that his mother will enable his descent into this maddening development that already looks like another vampire movie, but also feels like something else. It would appear that after so many movies that show this condition being transmitted in the same manner, Blood has opted to follow that path, but in a slightly more insidious manner. 

How many ways can a vampire story be told? 

When looking at all the vampire movies that have come along over the years, it’s fair to point out a few very noticeable elements in this trailer, but others aren’t quite as identifiable. This stands out as a reason why this movie might be worth watching since the truth is it’s straightforward to think that the story might veer off in one way or another that many other similar movies might not have covered. The strange taste for blood and the aggressive nature though are intrinsic parts of the average vampire story that many directors don’t steer away from that often since it would appear that there are certain points to hit in this type of movie. Giving the story an authentic edge to it that skirts the line between good taste and masterful horror, though has always been the danger of making horror movies that feature children as victims or aggressors. 

The tree is an attractive focal point. 

There’s something wrong with the tree; there’s no denying that aspect. But it might be hard to fully explain within the trailer since the ominous-looking sentinel looks quite old and even decrepit as it stands alone within its own space. But there’s usually a reason that an element such as this stands on its own in a movie, as it can be chalked up to reverence, fear, or an otherworldly nature that might blend more than one element together to create a sense of awe that keeps people at a distance. But as images show, the tree is not only seen as an aggressive and foreboding element but is also seen as the final means to destroying whatever corrupting influence is bound to take over first the family dog, then the young boy. All that remains to be seen is how this story will affect the rest of the family and the surrounding environment. 

credit: Blood

From the start, this movie feels as though it might attract a few horror fans. 

Looking at this trailer and the images makes it clear that not every horror fan will see this movie in the same light, and some might decide to criticize rather than see how this movie works in some ways but not others. The more discerning horror fans might delve a little deeper into the story in an attempt to find out what the director is trying to do. Many will no doubt stop at the surface elements and judge the movie based on what they can see, not what has still hidden away, which is typical, as many people want to be entertained for a certain amount of time before they move on to the next attraction. 

Quite a few people have tried to retell the classic vampire story in a new way

Telling a new vampire story has been the goal of many directors over the years, even if it’s not credited as a vampire story. Trying to take the elements of an old tale inspired by an older legend is not an easy undertaking since so many have made the attempt and have either come up short or have redefined the horror genre in a profound sort of way. Blood has the look of a movie that might not change things in any humongous way but will end up inserting itself into the genre in a way that many might not notice but will appreciate once they watch the movie. 

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