Blindspot Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Bone May Rot”

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Bone May Rot”


After last week’s huge (potential) reveal surrounding Jane’s true identity, Blindspot viewers have been patiently waiting to see how Jane and the rest of the cast will react to this news. Let’s take a look at how things played out in this week’s episode, “Bone May Rot.”

The episode opens two years in the past, as an unfortunate laboratory accident leads to an unexpected breach. Back in the present day, Patterson’s (played by the underrated Ashley Johnson) boyfriend makes a discovery about one of Jane’s tattoos based on photographs of her body, while Kurt and Dr. Borden work with Jane to try and help her uncover more about her “life” as Taylor Shaw. Agents Zapata and Reade, meanwhile, share a moment of friendship on their way to work. The reason that I mention all of these events is because in the first six minutes of “Bone May Rot,” Blindspot‘s writers have given us a great look at plenty of different storylines. Whereas most procedurals (for better or worse) tend to use an episode opening to establish the case-of-the-week narrative, Blindspot does that while also working to show a deep look at the lives of characters outside of their cases. It’s a small thing that many people probably won’t notice, but it further helps to set Blindspot apart from the rest of the pack.

The big “tattoo reveal” in “Bone May Rot” comes from a series of numbers that are visible only under a blacklight. This is a really cool way to continue adding to the mystique of Jane’s tattoos, but I do have to admit that the circumstances surrounding how the characters came to this reveal require a bigger suspension of disbelief than I tend to like with a real-world drama. It led to a very interesting case that I’m incredibly happy to have gotten to see, but I’m left wondering if there was a better way of getting them to this point.

There was a little bit of mounting tension in last week’s episode between Patterson and Assistant Director Mayfair, and that tension continued to grow this week. Blindspot did a great job of keeping the majority of the focus on Jane and Kurt in the first two episodes, and we’re now at the point in the series where we can better appreciate getting to know our other characters more. I really like the rapport between Mayfair and Patterson, and the interaction of these two characters is a fun juxtaposition to see since Mayfair is usually played fairly straight and serious while Patterson is one of the show’s frequent sources of comic relief.

Because of the nature of the case this week giving Kurt and Jane some downtime, we got to learn much more about Taylor Shaw and her disappearance, including the fact that Kurt’s dad was the one blamed all those years ago. The Taylor Shaw mystery is one of the most intriguing aspects so far on Blindspot. I’m still not entirely convinced that Jane is truly Taylor (I’m fine if that’s actually the case, though), but the writers are still doing a great job at making it interesting while not completely showing all the cards in their hand at once.

All in all, “Bone May Rot” was a very good and enjoyable episode of Blindspot. It did a really great job of advancing the overall story while giving us a very solid case-of-the-week. The writers are doing a wonderful job so far of progressing the main storyline instead of just letting it slide along slowly, and I’m hopeful that this trend continues as the series progresses.

What did you think of “Bone May Rot?” Is Blindspot still delivering? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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