Blindspot Review: Erase Weary Youth

Blindspot, "Erase Weary Youth"

Blindspot has been moving incredibly fast all season, and that speed has only intensified after the show’s return from its winter hiatus. Let’s take a look at what happened in this week’s new episode, “Erase Weary Youth.”

The episode opens with Jane struggling to reconcile the fact that she’s essentially serving two masters with their own conflicting interests now that she’s reconnected with more of her past. In addition, her relationship with Kurt is more strained than ever because of the situation a few weeks back, so Jane feels more alone than she has since being found naked in Times Square. It’s an interesting angle for the show to take, but I’m enjoying getting to see Jane function in a more solitary way for now.

The case this week is a little more unique than usual as it largely centers around an investigation of the team after it’s revealed that the FBI’s New York office has been compromised. While part of the team passes the polygraph, Jane, Zapata, and Mayfair all have inconsistencies that call their answers into question. In particular, it finally comes out that Zapata had considerable contact with the (now-deceased) CIA director about gathering intel on Jane, and this leads to an investigation into Jane’s actions on the night that Tom was killed. It becomes impossible for Jane to account for that missing time, but, just when it starts to seem like she’s going to have to speak more about where she was, it’s revealed that Fisher (the man that’s been conducting the investigation) was involved in a much different way than anyone of the team could have expected. I really enjoyed the way that the story in “Erase Weary Youth” focused so heavily on the team itself, and it proved to be a nice change of pace from the procedural feel of the past few episodes.

Relationships also proved to be a big part of “Erase Weary Youth,” with the Kurt/Jane dynamic starting to greatly affect both characters. For Weller, this emotional confusion is intensified even further once he finds out that his sister is dating one of his coworkers, and it’s clear that (especially after the reveal about his dad’s health last week) Kurt’s family life is going to continue playing a big part on the show for a while. Also, while it was only briefly touched upon, Patterson’s PTSD brought on from David’s death was featured prominently near the beginning of the episode, so I’m interested in seeing how this story plays out. Ashley Johnson has been one of my favorite parts of Blindspot since the beginning, so I’m glad that the writers are giving her character more weight than she had initially.

“Erase Weary Youth” was a very strong episode of Blindspot that changed up the formula a bit with a focus on the show’s main characters, and the overall story progression continued moving ahead at a great pace.

What did you think of this week’s new episode of Blindspot? Let us know your thoughts and theories on the show in the comment section down below!

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 13 Review: "Erase Weary Youth"


“Erase Weary Youth” was a very strong episode of Blindspot that changed up the formula a bit with a focus on the show’s main characters, and the overall story progression continued moving ahead at a great pace.

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