Bionik Reveals Cool New Virtual Reality Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

Bionik Reveals Cool New Virtual Reality Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

Bionik Reveals Cool New Virtual Reality Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

Bionik is a gaming accessories manufacturer on a mission to equip gamers with high-quality PC, console and mobile peripherals at an affordable price. Purposeful and innovative products is the name of the game, and Bionik is dedicated to providing solutions to streamline the gaming experience for improved comfort and competitive potential. Recently, Bionik announced a new slate of accessories for the Oculus Quest 2, which seems to be the most popular method of accessing virtual reality content these days, considering its portable nature as well as the likelihood of you breaking the bank by purchasing one being relatively low for a virtual reality headset. So, what are the new accessories that Bionik has revealed for the Oculus Quest 2, and do they look any good?

Face Pad VR

One of the two virtual reality accessories that Bionik is soon releasing is called the “Face Pad VR” and according to Bionik, it’s a must-have for anyone with an Oculus Quest 2 who may be looking to replace their damaged, dirty, or missing face pad. “Made with soft, absorbent, hypoallergenic materials, the face pad is designed with comfort and mobility in mind. The headband features ventilation portals for added airflow and breathability, making Face Pad VR perfect for players who like to exercise in virtual reality.” I can already tell that this is going to be a hugely popular item, considering that the stock face pad that comes built-in to the Oculus Quest 2 is terrible. I mean, it’s just awful; it gets itchy, it gets hot, it gets sweaty, and all of this happens after just a few minutes of playtime. Seriously, if you’re going to get an Oculus Quest 2 (or if you already own one) I would highly recommend finding a replacement face cover, and Bionik’s Face Pad VR looks to be just the right option! Coming in at $14.99, the Face Pad VR looks to come in a few different color options including gray, black, and white. From the looks of it, the Face Pad VR looks to be made from a different material than the stock face covering that comes with the Oculus Quest 2, though I guess we won’t really know until more official details surface online, but if this is the case, then that is definitely a good sign, because I can’t stand the foam material that the stock Oculus Quest 2 face covering comes equipped with.

Mantis VR

Up next, we’ve got the Mantis VR from Bionik. The Mantis VR is “a high fidelity, detachable, audio system engineered to fit most VR headsets seamlessly. Bionik’s update to their Mantis VR headphones are designed to fit comfortably over the ear, delivering clear sound while minimizing excess cables. Mantis VR removes the need for bulky headsets and allows for a higher level of immersion while playing virtual reality games.” This is also another great option for virtual reality users, because the stock speakers that are built into the Oculus Quest 2 aren’t exactly the greatest. Now, I haven’t had any issues with the Oculus Quest 2 speakers, personally, and I haven’t really felt the need to use other audio devices while using my Quest 2, but for those that are more particular about their in-game audio, then you’ve probably already invested in a set of third-party headphones for the Oculus Quest 2, or you’re looking around for an alternative solution. Well, if that’s the case, then it looks like the Mantis VR from Bionik might just be the solution that you’ve been looking for! The Mantis VR headphones retail at $59.99, which I think is a pretty fair and reasonable price for an external headphone solution for your virtual reality headset, especially considering the Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones for Quest 2 (which are just earbuds), will cost you $50. The Mantis VR headphones are also pretty stylish, and they blend right in to a black headset (if you’ve got a white one, it’ll look a little bit strange, but honestly you’re probably not too worried about it considering you’ll be wearing the headset while you use it, so you won’t even really need to be able to see it.)

These Bionik virtual reality products seem to be a solid “bang for your buck” and won’t really hurt your wallet in the long run, compared to some other options on the market right now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how well the Face Pad VR and the Mantis VR accessories hold up when they are eventually released. Both of these accessories are slated to launch at select in-store and online retailers later this summer.

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