Bill Belichick Can Always Fall Back on a Voice Over or Narrating Career

Bill Belichick has more than cemented his name into the NFL Hall of Fame and will go down as the best coach the NFL has ever seen the day he retires.   It’s tough to argue when the man’s won that many Super Bowls, has coached the amount of diverse teams he has, and frankly been through the ringer as many times as he has.   And despite how serious and grumpy Belichick appears to be, when he’s off the field and doesn’t have football on the mind (which is rare) the guy can produce a few laughs here and there (like his appearance on The Tonight Show after the Pats won the Super Bowl).

Today you can add one more awesome skill set to Belichick’s resume:  narrator.  I’ve already said that I think he and Hulk Hogan have the same speaking voice but now we take it a step further as Belichick recently had the chance to narrate “D-Day: Over Normandy.”  The best part here is that Belichick is in no way trying to sound cool.  He just does.   Can he compete with a Morgan Freeman?  Maybe.  But I’d definitely pit him up against those old United Airlines commercials that Gene Hackman used to do.

Check out Belichick’s narrating chops below:

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