The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill and Katie Speak About Will

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill and Katie Speak About Will

The Bold and the Beautiful recap is bold. Hope told her mother and Ridge that she and Liam are getting married, and they did not react quite the same way. You see, Ridge knows that his daughter is not going to sit back and do this with Liam the rest of her life, but he also doesn’t want to see the man jump right back into things with Hope. He cannot make up his mind, and he cannot get it right, and Ridge knows that Liam is going to hurt Hope, too. And he is the only person in this family who happens to see things for what they are — which is a giant mess. You see, he can see that Liam only picked Hope because he didn’t have an alternative in Steffy. He knows full well that the man would still be waffling back and forth between the two of them if he had that power. His own daughter took that power from him.

Ridge thinks they should wait. He’s the only smart one who realizes that you can get engaged without getting married a minute and a half later, or that you can be together and wait to plan a wedding. He sees this, but she doesn’t. And his wife is not happy to hear him say this, either. They are not on the same page, and he cannot help that. Brooke, on the other hand, is ready to see her daughter lock this man down once and for all. She seems to think that her daughter marrying him will make the difference and keep her happy and him with her. We all know this simply is not how things work around here, though, and it will never happen for her. But Brooke thinks what she thinks. And that is that.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

It’s not Monday — anymore — but fans weren’t hating their Monday madness when they saw this picture of their favorite brotherly duo appear on their Twitter feeds. It turns out that sometimes Mondays are better than others when you consider the fact that this is what you get when you look at the screen. You have this couple of men without shirts, and Monday seems brighter than ever. But it also leaves you feeling quite sure that your own Man Crush Monday is the same as the rest of the world, doesn’t it?

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Next is going to be a lot of change. We know that Steffy has a plan, and she’s not sure she wants to forgo that plan. She has to get her life in order, and she has to do it right now. There is a lot that might happen in this situation, and she is going to do anything and everything that she can to make sure that things are good to go. And she’s outlining the changes she wants to make, the things she wants to see happen, and her plan for Forrester, and everyone seems to be pretty much on board with the way things are going. She’s not stopping until she’s launched her career into a place she wants to see it, and that moment is right now for her. She’s done sitting around waiting on others.

And that’s not all. We will also see that Katie and Bill come together to have a conversation about Will. They will discuss his future, and their own past, and they will have a moment of clarity about more than one thing. We are surprised that this is going to be a productive conversation since so many that he has are anything but, but it appears that they will come to some sort of agreement and some sort of situation that works for them both. That makes us wonder what is going on, and why things are working out the way they are. They have to get their lives together, but they are actually doing it together in a happy manner?

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