Big Brother 12 Week Two POV Competition Recap

It’s POV time in the Big Brother house tonight and stakes have been raised, emotions are in high gear, while stupidity is in an all time high. But the most important thing of all? The comedy was GOLD! And this is all in the first ten minutes!!!!

Immediately after Rachel announces her nominations, Monet and Britney run to the Have Nots room and bawl their eyes out, while the Brigade (or rather Hayden) gloats to Big Brother that they are still in the clear and that no one still suspects them of having an alliance. The thing with Big Brother is that when people keep gloating like that, something happens to make them look like total idiots. You would’ve thought the Brigade, or rather Hayden, would’ve learned this when Rachel won HOH. Moving on…

In the Have Nots room, Britney and Monet sob to each other about how life is so unfair and how Rachel is a big fat meanie! They both know that Rachel hates them, but claims that she made a mistake by nominating them for personal reasons instead of strategically since they are two of the weakest players so far, which is sort of true. Monet then utters that she doesn’t deserve this since she has never said a bad thing about Rachel. I howl. Then Monet backtracks and corrects herself, “Well, I haven’t said anything bad to her face.” Good save, Monet. Still hilarious though.

Outside, the Brigade discuss how the nominations must stay the same this week, because if not then their asses are in danger of facing Julie Chen and being a Big Brother loser come tomorrow night. The more these guys talk, the more I feel like someone is going to drop the ball real soon.

Later, Rachel sees Britney crying and brings her to the HOH room to talk. Britney rambles (lies) about how she thinks Rachel is a sweet girl and that she gets Rachel’s nominations. Rachel claims that she doesn’t want to see Britney go herself, but Monet is a different story. Britney tells Big Brother that she doesn’t want Monet to leave and will throw someone under the bus to keep her there. That person? Andrew. Surprise, Surprise. But that the next day, Britney and Monet are having a pow-wow about Rachel, her skanky looks and how she’s jealous of them. HA!

Matt decides to tell everyone in the house that his wife has a rare disease that could possibly lead to her leg being removed. It’s a ruse to move forward in the game and everyone is buying it… except Andrew, who knows that Matt is lying, but plays it off so well that I forgive him for being an idiot for a moment. The scene is gut busting and I think I woke the neighbors as I watched this transpire. Classic.

It’s VETO TIME!!!! Our players this week, in addition to the nominees and Rachel, are Enzo, Brendon, and Lane. Daunting line up, I know, but wait till you hear the outcome. The game deals with the Stock Market and even involves a fake dollar bill being slapped in the participants faces, which I figure has some ‘inner meaning’ in there somewhere, but Big Brother knows better than to add depth in a reality show competition game, because it’s ridiculous. Anyway, the object of the game is to stay locked up in some contraption for close to an hour, but NOT over an hour. The first person to drop is Britney, the second Enzo, the third Lane, then Brendon, then Monet, and finally Rachel, whose strategy was to make sure Monet screwed up. It worked, but Lane and Brendon both dropped out over an hour by minutes. It comes down between Enzo and Britney with Enzo dropping out at one hour and fourteen seconds!!!!! Rachel’s reaction is priceless and I die. Britney wins, while the Brigade begins to whine about another defeat.

After the competition, Britney promises that she will do all in her power to ensure that Monet stays in the house and that they have to throw Andrew under the bus. They both agree to tell Rachel that she and Brendon are safe (but for a couple of weeks). Monet makes her way to Rachel to before for the HOH to save her ass and brings up Andrew’s odd behavior and how it makes Brendon and Rachel look bad. In the end, Monet promises that if Rachel saves her and sends Andrew packing that she (Rachel) and Brendon are in the clear. Rachel ponders on this, but doesn’t give a definitive answer. Rachel runs to Brendon about the new plan, but he doesn’t know if that’s a good idea or not. Monet runs to Britney and they both gloat that if they pull off their scheme then they are amazing geniuses. A little too soon, ladies. A little too soon.

Later, the Brigade discuss who they think will be Rachel’s pick to replace Britney, fearing that it will be one of them. God, they are so obvious…

But the biggest twist comes when Rachel calls Ragan and Matt to the HOH room to discuss putting up Andrew, but still getting Monet out. As Brendon and Rachel talk to the two men about this, Matt offers to volunteer himself as a pawn. What. The. F*@#!!! Brendon thinks this is genius, Matt thinks of himself as a genius, and Rachel smells a rat. Rachel thinks it’s highly “suspicious” that Matt would offer himself up all of a sudden, which she thinks will set them up in the future. This girl isn’t as dumb as she seems people! When trying to convince Brendon the concept of logic when it comes to this decision, Rachel loses the argument and Brendon storms out the HOH room, leaving Rachel crying. Rachel 2, Brendon, 0.

At the Veto Ceremony, Britney doesn’t wait to announce to use the Veto on herself and Rachel makes a somewhat big show about putting Matt up as a pawn. The look of hatred from Monet’s face is fierce and we know Tyra would be proud. It’s so on like Donkey Kong, but will Matt break the Big Brother curse of early pawns leaving the game?

We shall see tomorrow night, peeps!

P.S. – Kristen AND Kathy were almost nowhere to be found tonight. What’s the deal?

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