Big Brother 12 Week Two Eviction Review

So basically the Big Brother house has put a face to the snake that is the Brigade, but like the Titanic and the iceberg, the HGs do not know the true size of the beast in their midst.

Monet and Matt are now the two nominees, but despite Rachel stating clearly that Matt was a pawn (which Matt wanted when he volunteered for the job), he goes around and makes it seem as if that was not the case. Meanwhile, Britney and Monet have another pow-wow to trash talk just about everyone in the house, with Rachel high on their snark agenda, of course. But this time they might have reason to attack Rachel as she has made it her duty to go around the house and plant lies to ensure Monet’s eviction, which to me is a bit overkill. She tells Hayden and Kristen that Monet and Britney are saying that they have their votes to keep Monet, which isn’t true.

Rachel doesn’t expect for Kristen to go and confront Monet and Britney about this, though and the confrontation eventually ends up being between Rachel and Monet, who takes the higher road and leaves after Rachel says that she never used a bad word to describe anyone, because she is above that. Not saying that Rachel was lying, but she looked and sounded like one when those words came out her mouth.

Later, Rachel catches Britney crying and again talks with her about not meaning to make Britnet sad. During their little discussion, Rachel reveals Matt volunteering to be a pawn, which Britney latches onto with glee. She tells Rachel that Matt is definitely playing ‘Brache’l and is going around the house stating that he will come after them if he stays. Rachel cries at the appalling aspect of someone coming between her and Brendon again and calls a house meeting, which reveals Matt’s duplicity. He lies at first about everything, but Rachel, Brendon, Monet, and Britney are all pissed at his treachery. Kathy and Ragan remained shocked, but not shocked, while the other members of the Brigade either remained silent (Lane and Hayden) or played dumb about alliances albeit vocally (Enzo). Andrew was off honoring a Jewish holiday during the “house meeting” and Kristen was just there. Matt finally comes clean somewhat, but not fully, although he channeled Evil Dick back into the house in an almost “I dare you to evict me!” glare. The only question remains now is that with everyone knowing Matt is a rat, will they take him out now? Or let him take them out later?

Meanwhile, Hayden and Kristen get closer and end up making out in his bed, where he tells her (and Big Brother) that this showmance has to be kept secret so they won’t become a target. Hayden totally forgot that Andrew was in the room and the guy wasn’t sleeping and heard not only the kisses between Hayden and Kristen, but their decision to keep the showmance a secret. Dunces all around…

Now we are at the live eviction night on the Big Brother stage, where Julie Chen greets us to make sense of all the drama and backstabbing that transpired this week, and to exploit it as much as possible. While she works her way around the room, Julie (thankfully) dodges Ragan’s explanation of his exploits on Friday nights. Funny thing is that Julie claims censorship (“This is a family show, Ragan”) as her means of cutting him off, when really she didn’t want her mind tainted with Ragan’s shenanigans. Julie ends up interviewing Rachel in the HOH room and it was a big Brendon lovefest that I can’t recall much of due to me stabbing my ears with a knitting pin. Sorry.

Now it comes to the moment of truth. Did the houseguests vote strategically (booting Matt) or emotionally (Monet, because she has $10,000)? They chose the latter and with a 7-2 vote, Monet left the house in such a hurry that she didn’t say goodbye to her BBF Britney, and Evil Dick/Dr. Will 2.0 (or 3.0?) was born within Matt.

In her interview with Julie, Monet explained the hasty split as not wanting to see Britney cry, because she would’ve lost it if she had. The goodbye tapes were just as hilarious as last weeks, with Britney’s taking the cake as she cried about how much she will miss talking about Kristen’s wardrobe and Rachel’s skankiness with Monet. Howl inducing. Matt had the most douchebag goodbye this week, while Rachel gloated about how she was glad Monet was gone, because no one becomes between her and her man (Brendon). Clearly, she gets the most delusional goodbye of the week and if this keeps up, then it will be for the entire Big Brother season.

Not saying that I was fan of Monet, but people, would you rather have a whiner in the house or a rat that will send you packing the first chance you got? Just saying.

The hour ends with the beginning of the HOH competition, which involves mechanical surfboard and water being tossed on the housemates, which mean these people are in for an endurance competition that will last a while. We will find out the winner Sunday, or if you have the Big Brother live feeds, you can check in now to see whose still standing. So what were your thoughts about tonight’s Big Brother episode? Comment below and in our forums!

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