The 10 Best Xbox Games Of All Time

The sixth-generation saw Sega bow out of the console market and Microsoft stepping in with the Xbox, a brand new system that would go on to be the main competitor to Sony’s PlayStation in the following years. Backed up by exclusive titles such as Halo, Fable, and Project Gotham Racing, the original Xbox was the most powerful console at the time and helped push the boundaries of console gaming and help cement Microsoft’s place in the “console war”. Here are the top 10 best original Xbox games of all time.

10. SSX 3

Extreme sports games became very popular in the late 2000s thanks to games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but when it came to snowboarding it was the SSX series that reigned supreme. Released in 2003, SSX 3 is remembered by fans as being the best entry in the series. Players complete various races and events by performing tricks and completing goals. It is a shame that extreme sports games dropped off in popularity in recent years, but this is one that is worth going back to and playing.

9. Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge was released towards the end of the Xbox’s lifecycle, with the game also being released on the Xbox 360. The game is more of the same when it comes to the series, and that isn’t a bad thing. Burnout is a vehicle combat game that sees players use their vehicle to ram and take down other players while racing through heavy traffic. This is a highlight of the series and a must-play for racing fans.

8. Timesplitters 2

If Goldeneye was the defining console FPS game of the 90s, Timesplitters 2 was the defining game of the early 2000s. The game sees players jump between different time periods from the wild west to the 25th century while trying to take down an alien race. The multiplayer is incredibly fun too and helped push the boundaries of the genre. It is a shame that we haven’t seen a new Timesplitters game in many years.

7. Doom 3

When it came to console, Doom 3 was released exclusively on the original Xbox and it was a really good port. Doom 3 saw the series go fully 3D for the first time, completely overhauling how Doom was played while still retaining many of the classic elements that made the series popular.

6. Project Gotham Racing

Despite having Gotham in the title, Project Gotham Racing has nothing to do with Batman, it was just the code name for the development. Project Gotham Racing predates the Forza series and was originally the flagship racing series for the Xbox with multiple games being developed during its lifecycle and the early part of the Xbox 360’s. With the extra power of the Xbox compared to other consoles at the time, Project Gotham Racing was very visually impressive and helped showcase the power of the system when the game launched alongside the original Xbox in late 2001.

5. Fable

Fable is an action-adventure RPG that is one of the best exclusive titles on the Xbox. One of the most memorable aspects of the game is the witty British humor that the series was known for. The series has been dormant since the third game in 2011, but Fable is set to be rebooted and a new game is finally set to be released in the next few years.

4. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Up until the release of Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls was a PC exclusive series and had been a niche series. With Morrowind being the first game to be released on console, as well as being exclusive to Xbox for its console release, it began exposing more people to the series and set the wheels in motion for the series to become one of the most popular RPG franchises today, with the latest entry Skyrim selling over 30 million copies.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When it comes to the GTA games released during the sixth generation, it is San Andreas that is remembered most by fans today. The series went 3D for the first time with 2001’s GTA 3, but by the time San Andreas was released a few years later, Rockstar Games had really gotten to grips with what could be done in a 3D GTA game. San Andreas improves upon and introduces many new mechanics such as swimming and character stats. GTA San Andreas remains very influential today and it helped inspire many similar titles, as well as GTA V, which became the second best-selling game of all time, coincidence?

2. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic takes place thousands of years before the events of the movie, but everything that makes Star Wars iconic is still present. Players become a Jedi in the game and can craft their own Lightsaber and take on the Sith. The game is very story-driven and its mechanics were used as the blueprint for future games from the developer including Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

1. Halo 2

The 2004 sequel to Halo: Combat Evolved improved upon the original in every way and helped usher in online gaming on the original Xbox. Halo 2 introduced many new weapons to the game, as well as let players play as a member of the Covenant, who are seen as the main enemies in the series. The campaign is incredibly fun, with a great story and action-packed gameplay, and the online aspect of the game is one of the best online experiences in console gaming at the time. Halo 2 has since seen a remaster as Halo 2 Anniversary and is available to play on the Halo: Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One and PC.

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