Everything You Need to Know About Biomutant’s Character Creator

biomutant character creator

Biomutant is a brand new game from Swedish developer Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic. It is an action role-playing game that released on May 25, 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (though a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S version is coming at a later date.) Biomutant comes jam-packed with some pretty neat features including a pretty decent character creator (in my opinion) that allows you to customize your character to no end, which should really let your experience with the game feel as unique as possible. While I haven’t actually had a chance to play a lot of the game outside of the character creator, Biomutant does look visually stunning so far, so let’s get into what you need to know about using the Biomutant Character Creator!

Choose Breed

You have a couple of different options here when it comes to the breed of your character, including:

  • Primal
    • “Primal is a nimble developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them nimble and dexterous a the cost of a lesser developed Intellect.”
  • Dumdon
    • “Dumdon is the least developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid off-shoot that compensate the lack of mental prowess with physical strength.”
  • Rex
    • “Rex is an extraordinary developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid outcast with an even DNA string making it apt for both physical and mental challenges.”
  • Hyla
    • Hyla is a regenerative developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them extremely tough and resilient.”
  • Fip
    • “The Fip breed is renowned for a highly evolved mind. Its genius is directly interlinked to the power of Ki which amplifies their sonic output.”
  • Murgel
    • “Murgel is the definition of an idealized breed. Its evolutionary lineage has gone in a direction where form and appearance has dominated over function.”

Mutate Character

Within the Biomutant Character Creator, you can also mutate your character; this allows you to focus some of your stats like Strength, Agility, Intellect, Charisma, and Vitality, while also changing your character’s appearance.

Choose Resistance

The next step is choosing your resistance; you can opt to make your character more resistant to Heat, Biohazard, Cold, or Radioactivity, with certain percentages in each category. I opted to go for an all around 6% resistance in all 4 areas, rather than dumping all of my resistance into a single element. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Customize Fur

Using the same system as the mutation and resistance customization, you can also choose to customize your fur in the Biomutant Character Creator. While I thought this system was good for the previous customizations, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it with the fur options. I do like the wheel for the other options, but for the fur options it just feels like it would be easy to lose the options you want.


There’s not really much to say here; you get to pick out the primary color and the detail color of your character and it uses a pretty basic color wheel for your options.


You also have five classes to choose from, including:

  • Dead-Eye
    • “The Dead-Eye is a tricky, skillful rogue who’s chosen a life outside law and society values.”
      • Perfect Reload
        • Your ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and your next magazine is granted +20% damage
  • Commando
    • “The Commando is trained as an operative of an elite special operations force. Commandos are used to working in smaller teams.”
      • Fury
        • Ranged weapon attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target
  • Psi-Freak
    • “Psi-Freaks are experimenting with psionic powers and mutations. They’re usually outcasts on the fringe of society.”
      • Spark Ball
        • To shoot a Spark Ball, press down the input you have bound the ability to. It will make you throw the ball in the direction you are facing, inflicting damage to the enemy you hit.
      • Megamind
        • Your Ki-Energy Regen is increased by 20%
  • Saboteur
    • “The Saboteur is a cunning, skilled explorer trained to operate covertly in both suburbs and wilderness.”
      • Twin Silver Grip
        • Melee Dual Wield Skill – Equip two different one-handed melee weapons to dual wield them
      • Hypergenetic
        • Your Dodge Energy cost is reduced by 20%
  • Sentinel
    • “Sentinels dedicate themselves to protect a house. Their dedication is for the organization as a whole, including supreme belief in their dogma.”
      • Toughness
        • Your Base Armor is increased by 10

That’s about it for the Biomutant Character Creator. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this game, so I’m hoping that my experience with it is quite different than others, but we’ll just have to play it some more and see, I suppose.

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