The Best and Worst of Ross’ Girlfriends on ‘Friends’

The Best and Worst of Ross’ Girlfriends on ‘Friends’

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Spring is finally here and that means for people like myself living in the northwestern region of the United States, that the snow is finally starting to melt. For Friends fans it does not matter, as we are still watching the classic sitcom that was released on Netflix earlier this year and will not be setting foot outside until we have watched the series finale. Last week, we at TVOvermind took a walk down memory lane and ranked all of Rachel Green’s boyfriends on Friends. If you did not get a chance to read the article, you can check it out by clicking here. Ross Geller was the boyfriend that topped Rachel’s list, but where does Rachel Green rank on the paleontologist’s list? Here is a ranking all the women from Ross’ life, which includes a girl with a dirty apartment, the hot copy girl, and all three women he walked down the aisle with during the course of the series.

Emily Waltham

I am not alone when I say Emily is one of the most hated characters on Friends. She came into Ross’ life during the fourth season after Rachel was unable to spend a day with her showing off New York City. Their relationship quickly escalated and the two were walking down the aisle by the conclusion of season four. Thankfully, Ross said the wrong name at the altar and then called it quits after Emily wanted Ross to never see Rachel again.

Girlfriend Grade: F

The Dirty Girl

I think we can all agree that The Dirty Girl was hot. Unfortunately, it was hard to move past the fact that her apartment was messy. Ross tired to keep things going with her, mostly because he knew she was way out of his league. He would end it when she did not want to go to his place because it smelled funny.

Girlfriend Grade: D-


You may not remember Celia as she only appeared once in a season one episode of Friends. She was the woman who wanted Ross to talk dirty to her. Sadly, Ross cannot get the dirty talk right and the two have a cuddling relationship that is never mentioned again. Fun fact: Celia is played by The Office‘s Melora Hardin.

Girlfriend Grade: D

The Girl from Poughkeepsie

Distance is the real reason Ross was unable to pursue a relationship with The Girl from Poughkeepsie during the fourth season of Friends.

Girlfriend Grade: D


Whitney came into Ross’ life for a very short time during season seven of Friends. He takes her to ballroom dancing lessons while Phoebe dates her ex. In the end, Whitney gets back with her husband and Ross and Phoebe are left single and alone.

Girlfriend Grade: D

Jill Green

It was never going to work with Ross and Jill when they briefly dated during the sixth season of Friends. Jill initiated the relationship to make Rachel jealous and then Ross breaks off their date because Rachel told him that it made her uncomfortable.

Girlfriend Grade: D+


Chloe was the reason that Ross and Rachel were unable to get back together during season three. For this reason, she does not rank very high on this list.

Girlfriend Grade: D+

Kristen Lang

Kristen was dating Ross and Joey at the same time because they both helped her move into her new apartment and asked her out. She ends up dumping them both when they begin to tell her embarrassing stories about one another during an awkward dinner date.

Girlfriend Grade: C-


Two words: Black light

Girlfriend Grade: C-

Elizabeth Hornswaggle

Ross dated this Elizabeth because of his New Year’s Resolution during season five of Friends. Their relationship does not last long because he ends up shrinking his leather pants at her house and tries to put them back on in her bathroom using a paste concocted with bathroom products.

Girlfriend Grade: C


Remember when Janice returned during the fifth season of Friends and hooked up with Ross? It happened after Ross found out that Emily was engaged to someone else. Janice quickly ditched him after she realized what we already knew… Ross is a whiner.

Girlfriend Grade: C+

Carol Willick

Carol was Ross’ first wife and they met at college. They were a happy couple until Carol announced she was a lesbian and was going to be leaving him for Susan. She is still involved in Ross’ life as they share a child. It is nice to see that they have remained friends through all of this.

Girlfriend Grade: B-


Julie and Ross were a cute couple during the second season of Friends. They were both paleontologists and knew each other during college. However, in order for Ross and Rachel to get together, Julie had to be shown the door. And she was never heard of again.

Girlfriend Grade: B

Charlie Wheeler

When we first met Charlie during the ninth season of Friends, she began to date Joey. At the conclusion of the season, she realized she had feelings for Ross. However, shortly into the tenth season Charlie rekindled her romance with an ex and Ross was alone once again.

Girlfriend Grade: B

Elizabeth Stevens

Elizabeth was Ross’ student who he decided to date after the semester ended and she had expressed interest in him. The two had a good relationship during the sixth season. He even decided to go on Spring Break with her. Ross decided to break up with Elizabeth because he felt she was too young for him and as a result had several water balloons thrown at him.

Girlfriend Grade: B+


Bonnie was Phoebe’s crazy friend, who liked to shave her head. She also for some reason thought Ross was cute, so Phoebe set them up. Things were going great until everyone went to the beach house and Ross chose to get back with Rachel (for a very short period) and broke up with Bonnie.

Girlfriend Grade: A-


I really liked Mona and Ross together. Sadly, she came into his life at a very difficult time. Rachel was pregnant with his child and living with him. I think if Mona had met Ross around season 4 or 5 their relationship could have lasted a little longer than half of season 8 of Friends.

Girlfriend Grade: A –

Rachel Green

Of course, Rachel is going to win the contest as Ross’ best girlfriend. The two were meant to be together as was evidenced on the series finale when she decided to get off the plane and not start her dream job in Paris to be with this geeky paleontologist turned college professor.

Girlfriend Grade: A

Which of Ross’ girlfriends on Friends do you like the best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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