The 10 Best Star Wars Female Characters of All-Time

The best female characters in Star Wars, of all-time no less, is a very subjective list and spans across more than just the movies and TV shows. In fact it goes beyond the accepted canon that Disney has been pushing since it purchased Lucasfilm. There are some truly awesome women in Star Wars and it’s taken a lot of years to develop them and bring their stories to light so that fans can enjoy them. Some of them have never left the books or the comics and some of them have barely seen a comic representation. But all of them have earned a spot as being some of the most memorable figures in the franchise. The only downside is that with the current canon the way it is there will never be a chance to see some of them unless a major overhaul is done and a seriously massive reboot of Star Wars is undertaken. You can just imagine the uproar that would occur if that was to come along, as some people will gladly defend the new canon with every breath, while others would argue that it might destroy the current and past time lines.

Quite honestly though there is a way to integrate them all, it just takes being willing to put in the effort. With that in mind, here are some of the best female characters to ever appear in Star Wars.

10. Rose Tico

It’s amazing how much shade is constantly being thrown at Rose Tico as a character, and then again how much is being thrown at the actress as a person. Too many people calling themselves Star Wars fans have decided that they hate this character that it bears thinking that she has to be pretty awesome. In fact her character is likely going to be one of those that people will come to love eventually.

9. Jyn Erso

Jyn’s not so much a bad girl as she is damaged. She didn’t care for authority and didn’t want to revisit her painful past, as many probably wouldn’t. But when everything was laid on the table she figured out that it’s better to stand and fight for something than kneel and live for nothing. Her death was unfortunate but at the very least it gave hope to a rebellion that would eventually topple the Empire.

8. Asajj Ventress

It’s hard to know how to feel about Ventress since honestly she was abandoned by the Jedi Order and then taught by Count Dooku to hate the Jedi. By the end of the Clone Wars however she’d had enough and just wanted to be away from all of it. Her character was one that was both tough and resilient, but deep down inside she was still a wounded child that hadn’t come to terms with her past.

7. Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano was a promising student and a great fighter. But after the Jedi Order condemned her as a criminal she decided not to go back. Thankfully she never turned away from the Force, as it allowed her to stand toe to toe with Darth Vader as she helped Ezra and his friends escape. That however was the end of Ahsoka so far as anyone knows, as she likely became one with the Force while battling her old master.

6. Maz Kanata

Maz was kind of an odd character to throw in there but she was entertaining at the same time. In the Star Wars universe she seemed like the Switzerland where all were welcome so long as there were no hostilities between them in her place of business and sanctuary. She also seemed to have an affinity for Han and Chewbacca that was about as friendly as she seemed capable of being.

5. Captain Phasma

The movies didn’t really go into Captain Phasma’s story at all, but the book that was written specifically about her did. She’s shown to be a ruthless, power-grabbing individual that will sacrifice just about anyone to reach the position she desires. Her strengths have a lot to do with how vindictive she can be and how well she can blend into her current surroundings. It’s easy to see that she would leave the First Order if there was a better choice out there.

4. Jaina Solo

Sadly Jaina is one of the characters we’ll never get to see unless someone reboots Star Wars in a big way, as she was the only daughter of Han and Leia Solo, the twin of Jacen Solo, who would eventually become the Sith known as Darth Caedus. She would eventually become the Sword of the Jedi and be responsible for her brother’s death as his quest for power forced their confrontation.

3. Mara Jade Skywalker

This is another character we won’t get to see since she belongs to the Legends canon (Thanks Disney), and was connected in a big way to Luke Skywalker. They were married in the books and had a son named Ben, funny right?, that would eventually become the next Jedi Grand Master. She was also a deadly assassin that was at one time hell bent on killing Luke at the order of her master, Emperor Palpatine.

2. Rey

She’s the supposed future of the Jedi now that Master Skywalker is gone and is also the only Jedi left that anyone knows about. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone from the Legends canon was allowed to slip by and be found for the upcoming third movie? Chances are that won’t happen, but the good part is that Rey has shown that she’s capable of growing as a character and taking over the duties as the resident Jedi.

1. Leia Organa

It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to Star Wars. Not only was she the most stately, resolute, and authoritative force in the entire franchise, but she was also in the end a very adept Force-user. For all those that don’t think that this should have been made possible just think about it, in all that time did you really believe that she wouldn’t be able to somehow learn how to access the Force? Her family was strong in it after all.

Those are just a handful of some of the most awesome women in Star Wars, a few got missed no doubt, but they’re no less important for many reasons.

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