The Five Best Sean Faris Movies of His Career

The Five Best Sean Faris Movies of His Career

Sean Faris seems like the stereotypical male actor that decided to get into the acting life and managed to do so, but didn’t go quite as far as he thought he would since honestly he’s still been kind of lacking in his big screen roles. Honestly he’s not a bad actor and he does show a lot of promise but it also seems that he simply doesn’t get the level of exposure he needs to up his game in a big way. If given a big enough supporting role or even a lead role that would challenge him in a big way it does seem possible that he would be able to excel and even dominate at the box office. It would have to be the right part though, not something that would take him so completely out of character as to not be believable. That being said though, it might be nice to see him participate in something that’s big enough to create a moderate amount of buzz with his name at the center of it all.

Here are five of his best movies.

5. The King of Fighters

This movie had a good idea but the execution might have been the reason it didn’t really go that far since movies based on video games are notorious for kind of, well, flopping. With that in mind though the game was pretty fun and the movie had some potential until things just got a little too crazy and the whole thing became one giant mess. The idea of ancestral swords, other dimensions, and even two clans destined to be enemies is all well and good, but there has to be a strong enough linchpin to unite all these different ideas or people tend to get confused, and while this movie was kind of fun it didn’t really have that unifying bond.

4. Adulterers

It’s hard to say what a person would do if they discovered their significant other cheating on them, on their anniversary no less. When one person is completely devoted to a relationship and the other seems less than trustworthy it raises a lot of interesting questions as to how far the relationship should go. But when Samuel actually catches his wife in the act upon returning home he can’t help but hold them both hostage until he decides what to do with them. Ultimately he does kill them and bury them both, but not before he ponders just what he might have done differently had he been able to think straight.

3. Forever Strong

It takes a lot to start over in life and start doing the right thing, especially when one is so used to being allowed to do so much wrong. When Rick is punished by being sent to the rugby team that he used to play against however he’s given a new start and a chance to be someone that he wasn’t before, and as it dawns on him what this means he begins to see the truth. Eventually he does become that person and no matter how much his old friends try he won’t go back and he won’t betray his new team. Some might say that high school sports don’t mean as much, but the lessons they teach to the athletes are worth more than many might realize.

2. Yours, Mine & Ours

The first question anyone needs to ask with this movie is how in the world one parent can possibly handle so many kids. Both parents in this movie are taking on an enormous amount of pressure with having so many kids and no matter how much they make it’s not entirely feasible to think that they would come even close to being there for all of them as much as is needed. Plus, the fact that the kids don’t like each other to begin with doesn’t make life any easier since quite honestly it would make for one chaotic household and could easily be seen as the next apocalypse in the funniest of ways.

1. Never Back Down

Jake has a massive trigger and it’s not too hard to see how people take advantage of it when they mention his father and how he died in a drunk driving accident. The problem with his anger issues however is that they tend to get him into trouble far too often, and when he meets Ryan he quickly finds out that raw anger isn’t always enough. When he finally learns how to fight though he discovers that fighting just for the sake of it isn’t the same anymore, and that fighting because you have to is the only real reason that should ever cause someone to throw down against another person.

Sean really needs a shot at a big movie that might catapult him to the top.

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