The Five Best Justin Chatwin Movies of His Career

The Five Best Justin Chatwin Movies of His Career

It’s funny to think about how things turn out since Justin Chatwin’s emergence into show business came off of a dare made by a friend to audition for a project when he was younger. From that point on his career started to build slowly but surely until he finally came to be a known actor and someone that people instantly recognize when he takes the screen. A lot of folks probably recognize him as Jimmy from Shameless, where he showed up for three seasons and came back for another couple of appearances. With Fiona out of the picture for now it would seem that there’s no longer any reason for Jimmy to come back, but Justin has still been plenty busy since his days on the show and has continued to push forward with his career in a big way. He’s had a few duds here and there like anyone will, but for the most part he’s been keeping pretty busy and is easy to dub as a success.

Here are the five best movies from his career.

5. 1 Night

Relationships are difficult, that’s at least one thing to draw from this movie, and they take a great deal of work as it’s been seen throughout the long history between people. Between men and women it seems to go back and forth quite often since personal disappointments are bound to happen now and again and unfortunately if they happen too often they can tend to build up and create a serious sense of dissatisfaction that makes a lot of people question as to whether the relationship is worth it or not. Sometimes it takes a lot of extra work, but then sometimes it’s worth that extra effort.

4. War of the Worlds

This remake kind of suffered when it came to the critics and the fans but quite honestly the effects were well done and the outcome of course was about the same since the aliens hadn’t adapted to life on earth and from the first moment they arrived their immune systems started shutting down little by little. The devastation that was inflicted on the world however was felt in such a massive way that it’s easy to remember just how many people were panicking for real when the original radio show was broadcast so many decades before. At least people in this day and age know better than to believe a fantasy that’s being presented to them.

3. No Stranger Than Love

Needless to say this is a movie about love and the pitfalls, sometimes literal pitfalls, that can occur when someone loves so deeply but isn’t given that love in return. Lucy is the woman that every man in town loves to some degree but she has yet to find the man of her dreams. She thinks that she finds that man in a married high school coach but the moment that he tells her that he loves her he ends up falling down a very strange hole that opens up in her floor. The rest of the movie seems to be about Lucy finding out what she really wants and, yes, the coach hopefully getting rescued from the hole.

2. Urge

When someone says that they’re going to show someone else a weekend that they’ll never forget there’s usually trouble on the horizon. When a group of people take a new synthetic drug they find that it’s not just their inhibitions that are lowered. Eventually they find that stopping the drug isn’t all that simple and as a result their lives begin to spiral into a descending list of carnal and even violent acts that become more frenzied over time as the drug continues to take hold. When watching this movie it might be best to remember just what drugs can do to a person and realize that despite the dramatic moments the reality is never quite that pretty.

1. The Invisible

One can only imagine how terrifying it would be to see, hear, and experience everything around them only to realize that no one could see them, hear them, or even realize that they’re there. Nick is a victim of false identification when his friend gives him up thinking that he’s already out of the country and won’t be found by the thief that wants to silence him. Unfortunately Nick gives up his ticket to another passenger and is later on found and beaten unconscious and then left in the woods. He’s forced to do the best he can to contact one of his assailants as she suffers from a guilty conscience and, after hearing him in fits and spurts finally convinces the other individual involved in the assault to tell her where Nick’s body was moved to. It’s kind of a thrill ride really, and one of his best movies.

One thing you can say about Justin is that he’s a convincing actor.

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