The Five Best Josh Peck Movies of His Career

The Five Best Josh Peck Movies of His Career

Josh Peck

It might be kind of tough to say that you know who Josh Peck is without any trouble since he’s been around for a while but he hasn’t always been front and center in a lot of movies that he’s been in, meaning you have to pay attention to where you might see him since he has starred alongside those that are much more well-known. But he has done his part and has made a name for himself throughout the years as he’s taken on one role after another. It could be that his career is hitting an upswing at the moment since he’s getting mentioned a bit more, though if that’s the case then we might be seeing him in a few more projects as time goes on. At the moment his resume kind of ends in 2018 but that doesn’t mean much since updating does tend to take a bit of time now and again and it’s more than likely that he’s still plugging away at one project or another.

Here are the best five movies of his career.

5. The Wackness

If I had to say anything about this movie, and I kind of do, it’s more along the lines of a young man, Luke, having to learn that life is insane at times and will swallow up anyone that’s not ready for what it brings to the table, meaning just about anything and everything. When his family is being evicted from their home and he’s dealing with the type of feelings that he’s never experienced before it would seem that he takes it well and has a person who will listen at the very least, which seems to soften the blow. But when it becomes apparent that he’s destined to feel heartbreak and that life is going to resume no matter if it’s good or bad, he seems to accept it and move on. In other words, a movie that’s more real than most.

4. Danny Collins

He’s more of a bit player in this movie about an aging star that has decided to look back on his life and start doing right by those that he lost connection with a long time ago, but the point is that he’s there and he is a part of it. For the most part this movie is about regrets and trying to reinvent oneself in a way that moves forward without having to look back too much apart from having to make up for lost time. That being said it’s meant to be touching but watching Al Pacino playing an aging musician is kind of tough apart from the fact that he’s a great actor and can do almost anything.

3. Mean Creek

A.O. Scott of The New York Times has a good take on this one since it is a pretty good lesson learned by all in a movie where a bully is taught a lesson about how it really feels to be the odd man out, while those that are complicit in his death are taught what it means to own up to responsibility. While one of them goes on the run and refuses to take any blame for it, the others at least admit what was done and why. This is a good movie to watch when it comes to bullies and what the ramifications can be for those that just want to be accepted versus those that are simply out hurt people because they can.

2. Take the 10

Impulse seems to be the word of the day when it comes to this movie since if you look closely then you might see that this is all about impulse on the part of Peck’s character considering that he’s the type of guy that seems to think it’s a good idea to STEAL from a DRUG DEALER. Yeah, and it’s okay to run through South Central spewing genuine hate speech too didn’t you know? All jokes aside this does seem like a dark but very interesting comedy that might attract a lot of viewers simply on the basis that it’s fun, dangerous, and bound to show some seriously stupid, messed-up antics that a lot of us like to watch.

1. Red Dawn

Honestly the hatred that Max Fisher of The Atlantic and so many others gave this movie seems to have more to do with the fact that the original carried a lot more emotional impact and of course had Patrick Swayze in it. Anything other than that just seems like it’s a lot of wasted whining and puling about something that the fans and critics had no control over. Sure, I think the original was great and a lot better since they did basically the same thing with a few variations so as to update it, but it wasn’t as bad as people want to make it out to be.

Josh is definitely on the rise.

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