The Five Best James Garner Movies of His Career

The Five Best James Garner Movies of His Career

James Garner

You could have easily called James Garner one of the old dogs of Hollywood, as he was a man that had served his country and become an outstanding and very appreciated actor in his time before things started to slow down. He remained a favorite all the way up to his passing several years back however and was always a joy to see on screen. Throughout his time in show business he was one of the many that people would anticipate seeing since he had the kind of presence and attitude that made him a very prized actor among many fans. The likes of Garner and several others still haven’t come around again in this or previous generations no matter what anyone says as back in his day things were so different that men of that era are now seen in a much different light, not always as positive as we’d like but still different in a way that people simply don’t cling to any longer.

Here are his five best movies.

5. Maverick

What’s great about this movie is that it’s based on the same character that Garner played back in the 1950s and despite being kind of silly in some spots it was highly entertaining and brought together a great number of actors that were impressive to see together. This was of course back before Mel Gibson’s meltdown had occurred and he was still a highly regarded actor that could do just about anything he put his mind to. Back in these days his comedy routine was great since he was still an action star but he was also an actor that could control a scene and make it into something special, much as he did throughout much of his career.

4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Katherine Trendecosta of Gizmodo is absolutely right in stating that this movie is a marvel and a work of art since it brought to Disney a tale that has been old since before movies were even considered to be possible. Atlantis is a tale that has been told in numerous ways and throughout numerous cultures, but has yet to be proven. Garner was chosen for this role largely because of his time in the Army and his ability to help out in various ways when it came to getting things right. As a movie this never really got the attention it deserved since in essence it’s one of the best stories that Disney has. But maybe one day we’ll see a live-action version that will do it justice.

3. The Notebook

It’s easy to convince a lot of people of just how great this movie is, but Carly Mallenbaum of USA Today is less than convinced at this point. It could be that she might be pointing out certain parts that she doesn’t like or there might be something that might possibly be less than okay with the movie. But overall a lot of people might disagree since out of many of Nicholas Sparks’ books this is one that seems to have captured the attention of a great number of people once it was released to the big screen. It’s easy to admit that it works as a love story, but for a lot of people there’s still enough debate to go around in saying it’s one of the best.

2. Support Your Local Sheriff!

It takes the kind of man that knows what he’s doing to take on a band of outlaws that are keeping the town he’s sheriff of in dire straits, but somehow Jake manages to do it by using his wits and his skills to outwit the Danby’s and make sure that they finally get what’s coming to them. This movie almost seems like it might have been made to be kind of silly but serious at the same time, though in all honesty it does seem like a very fun and engaging movie that might make a person laugh and grip the armrests a little tighter now and again as Jake continually squares off against the outlaws and all those they find to send against him.

1. The Great Escape

You’ve got to admit that the escape plan for this movie wasn’t the best when it’s first revealed but when the ultimate goal of it was laid out it was pretty clever. Getting the POW’s out is of course a main goal of the plan but keeping the German forces occupied was also a big part since so long as they’re occupied they’re not on the front lines in the main battle. It’s a risky and kind of hard plan to fathom at times but it definitely works in a way since while many men are killed and others are captured a few do escape, and that’s better than none. It only takes one to escape and give away a location after all.

He was great in his time, no doubts.

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