The Five Best Debbie Reynolds Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Debbie Reynolds Movies of Her Career

There were a few things that were always said about Debbie Reynolds and a couple of them were that she was a kind and very honest individual. She was also one of the hardest-working people in show business to hear those that knew her tell it. She belonged to an era that we have yet to see come around again, if it ever will, and was one of the best that Hollywood had to offer in her time even if she wasn’t quite as flashy or glamorous as other women. Debbie didn’t seem to need it since her charm and her ability got her noticed more than anything and she managed to make them work for her in a big way. A lot of younger folks in the current era might not know that much about her other than what they might read now and again in the tabloids but if a person dug any deeper they’d find a very well-renowned actress that had a very successful career.

Here are the top five movies from that storied career.

5. Charlotte’s Web

As a childhood classic this movie is one that a lot of people can possibly remember since it was shown in schools, the book was read by many a teacher, and many a child cried their eyes out when Charlotte passed away near the end. Watching it as an adult can still bring back some of the magic that many people remember from watching Wilbur being saved as a small pig to the end when he welcomes Charlotte’s children into the world, but one thing that nearly ruined it for some people was the live-action movie in which Charlotte looks just a little too freaky for some folks. All in all though it’s a great movie that does explore at least a couple of truths about living on a farm.

4. Tammy and the Bachelor

Things were certainly different back in this time since if a grown man and a 17-year old were to kiss, even in a fictional story on screen, people would throw a fit. Well, at least some people would since Tammy seems like a perfectly fine young woman that doesn’t know much more apart from what she feels and that she has a deep and abiding affection for Pete who is simply trying to create something revolutionary. The whole story is something that seems as though it was well-received back in its time and still stands as a classic, but as you can tell from the current social climate it might not fly as anything but a classic at this point.

3. Singin’ in the Rain

The advent of dialogue and song in movies played quite a bit of havoc with some people since their fans suddenly had to realize that they had the looks and the acting skill, but a few of them had voices that were anything but pleasant. In this classic, yes that word is tossed around a lot, movie Debbie played Kathy, a woman that kept bumping into the one man she was a fan of but acted like she couldn’t stand. When she’s used to lend her voice to one of the main actresses in the movie, largely because the actress has a rather annoying voice, it’s eventually revealed that Kathy is the real star and that Lina was faking the whole time.

2. Mother

Believe it or not it is very true that when your ambitions are disparaged you can and will take it out in many different ways, but not always on those that don’t deserve it. The fact that Beatrice was a skilled writer in her own right and that her son John became yet another skilled writer in the family had to be a sore point. But upon finding this out John was finally able to understand her a little better and their relationship was able to become even better as they came to realize just what writing meant to both of them and how fulfilling it could be in their lives. Sometimes it just takes finding that one piece of common ground to really connect with someone.

1. The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Molly Brown is obviously the type of person that is born to overcome adversities since not only was she fished out of a river, but she refused to take no for an answer when it came to finding her ideal life and making it work for her and all those around her. Even when she was aboard the ill-fated Titanic she wasn’t about to let something like a ship sinking keep her down as she helped quite a few people get to the boats. And of course once that news was spread she became one of the biggest names around and the people that had snubbed her finally saw that she was someone special.

Like so many others, her talent is missed.

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