The Five Best Andy Dick Movies of His Career

Andy Dick

There are a lot of things people tend to think about when Andy Dick is brought into a conversation and while his movies might be a subject of interest his erratic behavior over the years has been a big topic that many upon many people have decided to comment on. He’s been something of a controversial character throughout his career and has gone on to apologize to a lot of people when he managed to get clean, but his comedy was never quite the same as he got older and his career, while still viable, is something that’s gone through a lot of tumult that has left it altered in many ways. His movies though, or at least his roles in many movies, have almost always been hilarious since his antics and his attitude have allowed him to play the snarky, sarcastic individual that you can’t help but feel needs to be knocked down a peg or two but is still worth something overall.

Here are some of Andy’s best movies from his career.

5. In the Army Now

In a way this was one of the movies that was kind of on the downhill slide of Pauly Shore’s career but if you pay attention to who’s in it you can see that it might have been the continuation for a lot of the other actors. Andy played Shore’s best friend and was kind of the odd man out in the group since he had a purpose but was also the skeptic that didn’t see the point in joining the US Army, couldn’t accept that his friend was getting the accolades, and certainly didn’t seem ready to admit that he was the sidekick until much later on in the movie. That being said though once the character realized it things started changing for the better.

4. Road Trip

His part in this movie was pretty small but it was still one that managed to convey something that a lot of us have probably experienced, the irritating motel clerk that’s just passing the time and checking people in and then checking them out as they sit behind their desk and try to figure out what to do with their lives. Obviously it’s a stereotype but it’s one that Andy does well since it allows him to use his humor for a decent purpose and gives him the chance to be the most irritating character he can be. Of course later on when Fred Ward wants a few answers the sarcastic manner doesn’t work quite as well.

3. Old School

Seriously, it might seem sexist to say that women don’t know how to please a man in this manner, but at the same time it might be better to either learn the technique from another woman or simply watch a porn film since this seems just way too creepy. And to think, this was something that these women did for their friend to make certain that she knew how to please her husband and, well, make him happy. Do you get the feeling that a scene like this just wouldn’t fly in today’s society? Well, it might not but at the same time it did create a very funny moment in the movie since Frank saw what he thought was his wife going down on another guy and decided it was time to get aggressive. Boy was that a mistake.

2. Dude Where’s My Car?

Yes, this movie was insanely stupid and yes, it didn’t have a lot of redeeming qualities, but this moment was just too good to pass up since Mark, the ostrich poacher, was a character that might have been introduced and then forgotten but he was still one of the funniest parts of this entire movie. Just imagine being locked in a cage right next to someone that is more than a little odd and seems to want to be ‘nice’ to you if you’re nice to them. You can’t help but laugh at this scene since quite honestly it’s one of the most ridiculous things you might ever see, and in this movie that’s saying a lot.

1. Employee of the Month

This one has to take the cake since Lon is by far one of the funniest characters in this movie and also one of the most on point. The whole point of the story of course is to show how Dane cook’s character goes from being a guy that does the bare minimum just to get by and is only motivated to do more when a beautiful young checkstand girl comes to work at the store, a woman that is apparently drawn to the employee of the month. That story is great and all but the jokes and humor surrounding Lon and his impaired eyesight is just too funny to pass up.

For all he’s done in his life Andy is still capable of creating a fun and engaging character.

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