10 Things You Didn’t Know About Belle Delphine

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine is a popular YouTuber who has a large group of followers who appreciate her work. She became famous after starting to sell her “Gamer Girl Bath Water” online. She went viral and became an instant sensation, amassing a high volume of followers. We wanted to know a little more about her so we checked into her past and her career where we made some interesting discoveries. To help you become better acquainted with her, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Belle Delphine.

1. She’s about to turn 20

Belle Delphine has been a favorite teen Youtuber, but she’s just about to turn the corner. She was born on October 23, 1999, and she will turn 20 in October of 2019. She’ll say goodbye to her teenage years and join the 20 something club for a decade. Belle Delphine will no longer be a teenage YouTube sensation, but she’ll no doubt still be a popular social media celebrity.

2. She’s a cosplay model

Belle Delphine is a British Cosplay model. Her first YouTube video was a makeup tutorial in 2016. She also posted a picture of herself with elf ears making an aheagao face, which she posted on Instagram. She became wildly popular with this post that brought in over 35,000 likes. She posted another video of herself on September 13th. In the video, she was cosplaying “Overwatch” character D.Va.

3. Her real name isn’t Belle Delphine

Belle kept her first name accurate for her YouTube channel, but she adopted a stage name for her surname. Her real name isn’t Belle Delphine. It’s legally Belle Kirschner. This shows you how creative she is though. The name Belle Delphine has a very nice ring to it, and it’s more memorable than Kirschner.

4. She has a popular subreddit

You can also find Belle Delphine on Reddit. This is a creation that is specifically for her fans. The subreddit was made on September 21st with as /r/BelleDelphine. It only took a month of being on the site before the community blossomed with more than 22,000 subscribers. Belle Delphine really knows how to pack them in when it comes to followers.

5. She’s really selling her bathwater

For everyone who thinks that Belle Delphine’s sale of bathwater is just a publicity stunt, here’s the truth of the matter. She’s really selling her bathwater and the Gamer Girl Bath Water is going for $250 a pop. It started out going for $30 but the response was so great that she upped the price and it’s still selling. There are other products available on her site. These include GamerGirl Chewed Gum along with GamerGirl Pee. Shocking, but effective in gaining a lot of attention to the social media phenomenon.

6. Belle got kicked off Instagram

We recently learned that although Belle Delphine once had an Instagram account, this is no longer the case. She violated the Community guidelines and her account was deleted. Just prior to the loss of her account, Belle had amassed 4.5 million followers on the site. She was popular enough but Instagram just couldn’t handle the content. It was reported that she posted content that contained nudity or pornography and this is not allowed on Instagram.

7. She’s making a lot of money online

We were curious about how well Belle Delphine is doing with her online bathwater and other product sales. Although she’s had some impressive total sellouts of the GamerGirl Bathwater, she still hasn’t reached the million-dollar mark so it looks like she’s going to have to take a lot more baths. Her current net worth is estimated to be around $300,000, which still isn’t bad for a 20-year-old.

8. She was born in South Africa

Belle is a British citizen. She currently lives in London, England, but that isn’t where she was born. We learned that she was actually born in Cape Town, South Africa. It was later in her life that the family moved to London, England.

9. She’s claiming an arrest that can’t be proven

Recently, Belle Delphine made a tweet that looked like a mugshot of her. She mentioned that she got arrested. She elaborated by saying that she vandalized a car because someone had stolen her hamster. She painted a hate symbol of Pepe the frog on teh car and she wrote “Bitch! Give me my hamster back” in spray paint on the car. Belle posted photos that show her handiwork on the car. She also included pictures of text messages that she claims are from the person who stole her hamster. There are rumors that her hamster was returned. The strange thing is that there are no such mugshots in the public database of the London Metropolitan Police Department to back the story up.

10. Former fans accuse her of scamming them

After Belle Delphine’s Instagram account was deleted for inappropriate content that violated the terms of use, she was silent on social media. She wasn’t forthcoming about the deletion of the account and instead claimed that she had been ill from a case of food poisoning. She tried to make an excuse and told her Patreon followers she was going to make a new account, but reports from Dexerto indicate that her Patreon followers are not happy. The lack of content that she’s provided has many of them very upset and some have shared that they feel like the influencer has been scamming them. It seems that they’re not buying the food poisoning hospitalization as a valid excuse. There hasn’t been much activity on her Twitter account either which has made followers wonder what’s going on. This could signal a change in the number of followers that she’s going to have because once offended, it’s hard to get people to come back

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