Bart Simpson Prank Pulled on Real Life School Board Meeting

Bart Simpson Prank Pulled on Real Life School Board Meeting

Bart Simpson Prank Pulled on Real Life School Board Meeting

Something like this makes a person wonder how self-aware some people are, or aren’t. During a school board meeting, it would appear that the chairman was inclined to read off a list of names of people that had signed up to speak on whatever issue was taking place, but one has to wonder how many people finally got the joke. The truth is that while this is a big Simpsons reference, and is something that Bart Simpson has done more than once over the course of the show, one has to wonder how anyone would fall for this so easily in real life. It’s possible that the chairman has never watched The Simpsons and therefore has no idea of the telephone pranks that Bart pulled so often, but simply listening to the names that he was rattling off, then perhaps realizing that no one was answering, should have been a pretty big tip. Then again, there are a lot of names out there that might sound completely awkward to some folks but are genuine names all the same. Maintaining one’s composure would be important as a result since laughing at a person’s name would be a huge problem.

In fact, it’s fair to say that some folks might not take too kindly to the prank since the sense of humor shared by some folks isn’t always seen to be that funny to others given that everyone’s sense of humor is a bit different, if not directly opposed to that of others. Of course, that’s kind of how the overall view of The Simpsons has been no matter who’s loved it and who’s hated it over the years. Some households have never allowed The Simpsons thanks to various factors having to do with the show. But when it comes to Bart’s prank phone calls it’s easy to state that it’s not quite that bad since getting a laugh in this manner is fairly harmless unless someone happens to have feelings that are easier to break than the average eggshell.

Trying to figure out why some folks would have an issue with such a thing isn’t exactly a worthwhile pursuit at times since all that’s bound to happen is that people will be clued into the fact that some people either have no sense of humor or have likely undergone a trauma of some sort that would make something like this appear as something that it’s not. When trying to take everything into account as far as trying hard not to offend anyone, it’s fair to state that The Simpsons didn’t really decide to be as sensitive as they could be, but then again, the new woke style wasn’t really the thing back in the day, since even being PC wasn’t exactly that popular. It’s not even that popular now, and people are still attempting to push a PC agenda in whatever is presented to the masses. The great thing about that is the fact that there are still people who will push back and state that they enjoy this type of humor since to be fair, it doesn’t really hurt anyone in an obvious or malicious manner.

Prank phone calls are definitely annoying if a person takes them to an extreme that’s not necessary, which means that so long as someone doesn’t tie up a phone line or cross the line from prank to harassment it’s fair to say that having a sense of humor about it kind of rests on the shoulders of the one being pranked. When the prank is happening in person like it’s seen in the video, the idea of being self-aware and capable of realizing what one is saying is the responsibility of the speaker. It’s true that such a prank is pretty juvenile, but it’s also true that being able to laugh something off is far better than getting upset with it, though it’s hard to be certain what happened since the clip cut off before the speaker became aware of what was happening. It’s easy to wonder what the reaction of his peers and the gathered audience might have been when realization set in though given that someone in the room had to realize what was happening after so many people had been called and no one stood up to speak.

Seriously, there’s being competent and then there’s being self-aware since one can be seen as one and not the other. It might take a moment or two, but when speaking certain names and even certain combinations of words, it’s possible to hear what’s really being said. At the moment it’s a bit difficult since it’s obvious that the chairman wasn’t really paying full attention to the names and how they were coming out. But one thing that can be said is that this is truly worthy of a Bart Simpson prank.Bart’s prank phone calls

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