Whatever Happened to Linnea Quigley

The term ‘scream queen’ is one that some people have taken to quite well over the years since it’s become a term of endearment to some and something else to others. Linnea Quigley is one of those that wear the term proudly since she’s been starring in various horror movies for a good part of her career and has been enjoying the majority of it. It’s funny to think that she started off as such a shy and soft-spoken individual and became a scream queen that helped to revolutionize the term, but one has to remember that for all that we celebrate such things and those are, in this current era, seen to be the epitome of what such a thing should be, there was almost always someone that did it first and did best. The fact that people have forgotten Linnea is another reason to be frustrated that B movies aren’t being given that much credit. But the idea that something isn’t mainstream usually makes a lot of people turn away since it’s considered to be of lesser quality, or so people think. When a person really looks at it, those that came before and those that prefer to work in the B movies that people have searched for are those that actually enjoy the job for a number of reasons and don’t have to worry as much about the popularity side of things.

Being in so many B movies tends to mean that a person might be famous in certain circles, but they’re not typically given as much attention as A-listers, who are hounded by the paparazzi and toxic fans without end at times. Plus, the fact that a lot of B actors can do what they want with life and it won’t be put under a magnifying lens is even better since their freedom is a little more ensured and doesn’t come at such a premium. It’s true that they don’t make as much, they don’t take the spotlight as often, and they have to work a little harder to really earn their paycheck, but it does sound as though they’re able to call their own shots on set at times and have a little more leeway. But there is the idea that it’s still a B movie and that it won’t gain as much notoriety as one might if they were starring in a blockbuster. That doesn’t appear to have bothered Linnea that much over the years, if at all. In fact, there are only a few things that might have bothered her, and one of them is the length and style of nude scenes since she doesn’t mind doing them, but as a lot of people might say, there’s a time and place and a way to do it that makes the scene meaningful, and there’s the excessive way that some scenes just continue to roll on in an uncomfortable manner.

What’s also kind of amazing about Linnea is that could have become a police officer at one point since she passed the written test, but she continued to act instead. She’s been in a band and been the frontwoman for her own band as well, but acting appears to be the one thing that she’s stuck with the most over the years, and as she’s in her 60s now it would appear that this is what she’s most comfortable with and has gone on to enjoy the most. I’ve said it more than once across the many articles on this subject that have arisen, but the fact still remains that if a person loves what they do for a living then they’re already ahead of the game, no matter if they’re rolling in the money or not. Those like Linnea that actually enjoy what they do and don’t want to step away from it just because something better might be out there have been called foolish and a number of other names, but the truth of it is that they’ve found something they enjoy and they’ve decided to stick with it. Those that slave away at jobs that might pay but are still kind of miserable can say what they’d like, but so long as a job is paying well enough to survive and even thrive, it’s worth it since being able to come to work and leave with a smile knowing that you’ve done something that means something to you is about as good as it can sometimes.

On top of that, Linnea is still working and she does have a net worth of around $2 million dollars, so she’s not hurting and she’s enjoying life, so it’s fair to say that she’s one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have to deal with the noise of being super-famous, but is comfortable where she’s at.

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