Why Baby Driver is an Absolute Must See Summer Film

Why Baby Driver is an Absolute Must See Summer Film

Why Baby Driver is an Absolute Must See Summer Film

If you are looking for some interesting movies to watch this summer, don’t be so quick to discount the movies that aren’t being touted as the next summer blockbuster. If you really want to see something that has superior acting as well as a plot that is likely to blow you away, you have to give Baby Driver a chance. Below are five reasons why you need to see this movie.

1. If you like fast cars, you’ll like this movie

If you don’t already know something about the movie, you’re probably wondering what on earth it is about, given its name. It is actually about a young man who is both very troubled and very skilled when it comes to driving automobiles who just happens to be named Baby. For this individual, driving is a way of getting away from everything else in life that isn’t going right.

2. Most modern movies don’t have a great soundtrack, but this one does

He suffers from severe ringing in the ears so he has a tendency to listen to music almost all the time, especially when he’s driving. It is important to know that the soundtrack for the movie is nothing short of outstanding, doing a great deal to add to the already heart-pounding scenes that are peppered throughout the movie.

3. The drama all starts when Baby falls in love

While Baby is no stranger to breaking the law, his real trouble starts when he ends up driving for a man associated with the mob. He eventually wants to quit because he falls in love. You can probably see where this is going but it is definitely worth watching. Most of the excitement comes from Baby’s attempts to get away from the mob without it resulting in the deaths of his loved ones, all while still trying to keep himself alive long enough to enjoy a life with them.

4. The cast is outstanding

If you are looking for a solid movie with great acting and a good cast, you don’t really need to look any further. Starring Kevin Spacey as the mob boss and Ansel Elgort as Baby, this is a movie that has the power to hold your attention from beginning to end without you having a desire to check your watch every five minutes. The truth of the matter is that it just might be one of the best movies to be released in a very long time. It features a new twist on old problems and it has plenty of action without sacrificing the plot of the film.

5. There’s something for everyone with this film

Whether you like car chases or love stories, there’s something in this movie that you will be interested in seeing. By the same token, if you simply enjoy watching some of the finest actors in existence do what they do best, it would be hard to see how you would pass up the opportunity to see this movie. It’s also directed by Edgar Wright, so that doesn’t hurt anything, either.

While this particular film may not have the biggest budget or even most advertising behind it like a lot of the other action blockbusters that are scheduled to be released this summer, it has plenty going for it where it counts the most. When good acting and good filmmaking are combined together, something truly magical happens. Such is the case with Baby Driver. If you take the time to see it, chances are you won’t be sorry.

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