Axe Commercials Were Specifically Targeted Toward Insecure Males

Axe Commercials Were Specifically Targeted Toward Insecure Males

Axe Commercials Were Specifically Targeted Toward Insecure Males

Wow, who would have thought that AXE body spray commercials were in the habit of targeting insecure males? If your hand isn’t raised then you’re either not watching the commercials, lucky you, or you really didn’t see past the point of the intended message. AXE body spray has had to seriously backpedal from its original marketing campaign since it finally started being associated with the target group that they were going after in the first place. Is anyone really surprised at this point? In some cases it would be called poetic justice since the body spray, which is way too overpowering by the way, is really geared towards making insecure men think that women will find them sexy simply because they’re wearing a new scent.

Does anyone remember when AXE came out? The French brought it out in 1983 and when it was shown just how popular it could be it was finally brought to the US in 2002 in a big way. And for the last fifteen years it’s been seen as something that can take an insecure man, no matter his age, and make him feel like he’s the king of the world by introducing a new scent that will drive women wild. Now I’ve seen studies that show that scent is a very strong attractant for some people but the amount of body spray that some men use makes it seem as though they’re attempting to lure women from miles away or are attempting to create their own zone of protection since it’s so heavy and cloying that one can barely breath when stuck in the scented fog.

Obviously it’s not quite that bad but you get the idea. Now that it’s enjoyed such widespread use though the body spray has another issue that it might not have foreseen. It’s being associated with insecurity and used as a means of telling people that only those that are uncertain of their masculinity and public image need to use this. Those that don’t mind how they look, talk, or interact with people don’t need it. Why would they? Those folks that have self-confidence know what it takes to make themselves attractive to other people in a way that doesn’t require massive amounts of body spray or scented gels that will make them stand out. In a way AXE kind of stuck itself in the corner with the rest of the wallflowers that think it’s some special love potion that they can use to gain the attention of their peers and those they desire.

This isn’t an attempt to condemn the spray, as a little bit can go a long way and might make someone smell very nice. But the manner in which it’s been marketed and touted out to the public is kind of ridiculous since the idea of being someone you’re not is something that’s been attempted too many times for comfort and is no longer an acceptable marketing method no matter who you talk to.

You don’t need to smell like you bathed in the stuff. A little can go a long way.

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